Catching up for December

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

After getting back into the blog and having such a productive November, I feel remiss that it is December 5 and I haven't written anything. So here's a catch up... a list, of some things.

1. We have our {crooked} Christmas tree! It is a magnificent 9 foot-tall Leland Cypress and it's fluffy and I am in love with it. Sometimes I hug it and smell it. Currently it is dog-proofed: there are no ornaments, just ribbon and lights. I kind of like the super simple nature. There was a great phaff with the three (3!!) trunks and it not fitting into the tree stand. But Thomas's engineering and a borrow of one of Dad's power tools, and our magnificent tree stands, if leaning slightly. It also needs a tree skirt- but I'm afraid of sewing in circles. But I have to make myself finish our stockings this week... so a tree skirt (perhaps a square?) is in order as well.

2. Otto really loves eating the... leaves? fernish looking bristles? Whatever. Otto eats the tree. And drinks the tree sap water. It is very perplexing as to why he needs to do this, and another reason I need to make a tree skirt ASAP. Also just caught Moby chewing on one of the branches. Seriously, pups?

3. Please follow me! If you scroll down to the end of the content on the right side bar, you will see that there is a small band of followers (thanks guys!). Please add your name to their ranks! Also consider subscribing by email (also in the right sidebar).

4. What are y'all asking for for Christmas? I can't ever seem to think of anything between my birthday in November and December. Then the other 10 months of the year, I am filled with ideas for things I can't live without. Big or small, what are you wishing for?

I hope your December is going splendidly!

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