Little One

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

If you're friends with me on Facebook, then you already know the news...

I am pregnant! The little one is the size of a lime at 11 weeks. I am due in late August.

Sorry for the iPhone photo. I look very washed out, with creepy ghost feet, but we took this after my second midwife appointment today on a drizzly day with gray skies. Plus, I'm very pale anyway.

I'm borrowing some of these questions from

How far along? A little over 11 weeks.
Total weight gain? A whopping 2 pounds. The weight must be migrating towards my belly area.
Maternity clothes? I have a few things, but mostly rocking some looser clothes, sweatpants, and the larger sizes from my weight gain days on the Bipolar meds. And who said that BPD would be all bad? Extra sizes work out well here!
Sleep? Other than waking up to relieve my bladder, good. Creep-tastic dreams though.
Best day this week? Hearing my sweet babe's heartbeat today! It was like trying to hear underwater, but we eventually found him/her (right in the middle of my belly) rocking 160 bpm (that's a great heartbeat). And getting to tell everyone.
Miss anything? I don't drink much normally, but craved a margarita the other night- perhaps I'll just eat the lime in the picture with salt. I wish I could have deli meat too. Buying Boar's Head for Thomas is giving me cravings!
Movement? I wish! That's going to be awesome.
Food cravings? Cheese. More cheese. But my midwife gave me the green light on soft cheese as long as its pasteurized, so eating some brie, bacon, and fig jam grilled cheese. I could eat a hamburger a day, too.
Aversions? No Chinese. The smell, talking about it, anything makes me disgusted.
Have you started to show? It more feels like a food baby than anything else! I'm guessing that I will start showing within the next few weeks.
Happy or moody? Freaking ecstatic. My psychiatrist was right- the hormones that can throw neurotypical people out of whack can set me straight. How cool is that?
Looking forward to? Movement.
Have you told? Yes, I think this blog and Facebook indicate that.
Doctor/midwife? Decided on a midwife and I am loving my choice. Certified Nurse Practitioner and midwife in one. She's very relaxed and calming. Also, it's a fully staffed OB office- if there are any complications that require an OB, I am covered there. Thomas and I are both happy.
Ultrasound? Had one at 7.5 weeks to confirm the pregnancy (I have pictures, but it doesn't look like much), and I'm expecting my next around 20 weeks.

I am still deciding about how much of this blog will be pregnancy (then parenting) related, or if I'll start something separate or not. For now, I will try for a weekly update or so, and try to be honest as always about how this effects my Bipolar Disorder and my faith. If you have questions relating to that, email or comment and I'll do my best to answer them. I'm not terribly shy and have found out there aren't a lot of resources for Bipolar mammas.

Some things we have decided.
-Not to share the names we have chosen. It's hard, but people make all kinds of weird faces and comments when you share your names that you worked so hard to agree on! However, when a cute little wrinkly baby comes out attached to that name, most people are a bit more hesitant to share anything other than kind words.
-Not to give out the final due date to too many people. This is my first child, and first kids almost always come late. It will be hard enough waiting without people asking if it's happened yet! It is in late August. Trust me, you will know soon after it happens!


  1. YAY!! Lauren, not sure how I missed this, but CONGRATS!!! I"m so happy for you guys! Looking forward to traveling through this journey (via blog!
    ) with you! PLEASE keep us updated :)

    1. You might have missed it because you have a newborn (excuse me, one month old!) of your own! Don't worry, there will be plenty of updates (and weekly pictures, if I can remember). Thanks!