12 Weeks

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sorry I don't have a belly picture for you this week. I've got a nasty
cold, so know that the baby is the size of this nectarine.
I'll rush to get a picture before I'm officially 13 weeks.

How far along? A little over 12 weeks. I'm trying to be patient about reaching the second trimester, but it's not working!
Total weight gain? 3 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Every day I feel like I'm ready to put them on, but I keep pushing it off. Almost all of my size 2 & 4 (before pregnancy) clothes have been boxed up. I really need to hit up a few thrift stores for some new things. Mostly I've been rocking dresses and leggings. Anyone have any favorite maternity stores/brands for basic things?
Sleep? So-so this past week. Weird and realistic dreams keep waking me up if my bladder doesn't.
Miss anything? Had an odd craving for sushi the other day. It'd probably be fine if it was cooked shrimp (which is my favorite kind, incidentally), but sadly, I cannot know if someone has washed their hands after touching raw fish. Also missing the ability to order something without checking to see if the cheese is pasteurized. ;)
Movement? Not from the baby. The only thing in that area I feel are my abdominal muscles stretching out. That's been a little painful.
Food cravings? This child is loving Mexican. I could have a fish taco every day, I kid you not. Right after a hamburger. More protein and iron for me!
Aversions? No Chinese. Still. Not expecting that one to go away.
Have you started to show? I've been able to tell that I'm pregnant since about 8 or 9 weeks, and Thomas is starting to be able to notice. Still not obvious to others. (I don't think.) I can assure you that things are shifting all over!
Happy or moody? Overall, happy. I've definitely had some angry or moody moments, but definitely hormone related and not my Bipolar Disorder (praise be!).
Looking forward to? Movement and finding out the gender in a few weeks! I thought I could be strong like my parents (who chose not to find out the gender before birth for all three of us girls), but I can't help it. I gots to know!
Lucky Duck? Only two instances of morning sickness. Christmas Eve I thought I was going to die. But other than that, no throwing up. It's about the best gift (other than the little fetus) that God could have given me, since throwing up is the nastiest thing in the world to me. My stomach can still get antsy, but not bad at all.
Pregnancy Superpowers? I have so many! I think my nose is starting to rival that of my dogs. I can smell almost anything, anywhere. I sneeze all the livelong day. Now that's partially due to having a cold, but since that pregnancy test, I sneeze about 20-30 times a day. Champion sleeper. I had no idea what tired was - and then I got pregnant. I will faceplant into anything that is horizontal... the coffee table, the couch, my bed, Moby's sleeping? Curl up next to him. Time to get my energy back please!

And this is our new family car! 2013 Subaru Outback, dark grey with a black interior for black puppies. If you look in the back window, you'll see a lovely dog guard to keep the pups in the back and not up front with us. I am quite enamored with this car and all of its fancy features. But I'm not hard to please. It just needed to be insanely safe, good mpg (24/30 even with all wheel drive), enough space, and not be a giant car (no minivans, Suburbans, Excursions, or tanks, please). I got everything I need, and then some.

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