13 Weeks

Friday, February 15, 2013

How far along? 13 weeks. The Jellybean is the size of a peach!
Total weight gain? 3 pounds.
Maternity clothes? I've gotten a few more things- some leggings and a t-shirt with lots of extra belly room! If it's comfortable and roomy, I will wear it. Much harder to dress up now.
Sleep? Thomas and I spent most of the day in bed- nothing like a warm cabin on a cold night. I've been working very very hard on sleeping on my left side and it's been going pretty well. Only occasionally do I find myself waking up on my back.
Miss anything? After 2.5 months of dietary restrictions, I'm pretty used to what I can and can't have. Cutting out sandwiches is very hard, but if I can find chicken salad, I'm good.
Movement? I'm pretty sure my child is kicking my bladder.
Food cravings? Hamburger. Every. Single. Day. And fruit. Loving apples, peaches, strawberries, etc. Salads too- I went bonkers for the crunch of romaine the other day. Chicken nuggets, pasta salad- it all changes daily. Except for hamburgers and Mexican.
Aversions? Not really an aversion, but sweets are not that important to me. Much less interested in them. That's weird.
Have you started to show? Yes! I have a baby bump! What was flat is now round and squishy- and probably the only time I'll be happy about that. The picture above is from after our anniversary dinner Monday - I was trying to get in a "dressy" picture after dark, never a good idea, but you can see the bump of baby & she crab soup & shrimp 'n grits.
Happy or moody? Happy this week- Valentine's Day and my anniversary (11th)- both take on some special meaning with my new Valentine and one of the best things Thomas and I have yet to do. Definitely easy to worry or stress, but Thomas and my family keep me calm and happy, so I am very blessed to have them.
Looking forward to? Officially moving into the second trimester in 2 days!
Lucky Duck? I'm starting to nest! No nursery stuff yet, but I'm organizing the house and getting back into the swing of things. I think Thomas might be too- I caught him looking at tiny kids clothes online tonight. It was really cute and he might hate me for posting this for the world to see. Oops.
Gender? I think it will be a boy, but I think that's mostly because I'm a little scared of raising a boy (grew up with lots of girls, don't judge). But the closer it gets to actually finding out, I am honestly going to be thrilled with whatever gender God decides to bless us with. It is the least of my concerns.
Not my favorite: Headaches. I have them all the time.
Favorite: Looking down at my belly and realizing that there's something growing in there! Also, I know this is illogical as my baby probably can't hear yet, but I play it music all the time. Less illogical when I sing, as I read they can feel movement and vibrations, but I could play it Gungor's "Beautiful Things" all day. Right now it's jamming out to "Bossa Nova Baby" by Elvis. What can I say? I have eclectic taste.
What do I know? Oh my, this child is loved!
Sorry kid but... The nickname "Jellybean" from your father has stuck.

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