14 Weeks

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Friends, it is not easy to get a picture of me on a weekly basis. Not only do I prefer to be behind the camera, my darling nuclear/mechanical engineer is not a photographer. At all. So this week, here are some of the options I get after we have a 10 minute photo shoot. Perhaps you can be forgiving as we march through this. At the least, I'm sure a snort of laughter will escape the nose of a select few...

Decent, but fuzzy.

How far along? 14 weeks. The Jellybean is the size of a lemon!
Total weight gain? 3 pounds. Still?? Come on!
Maternity clothes? I got a few things in North Carolina. I'm not ready to wear most of them, but they were a great deal. Finding maternity clothes on sale is not easy.
Sleep? Best sleep of my pregnancy! Seriously, the last few days have been amazing. My cold is gone, I've been falling asleep seconds after I curl up, and I can actually sleep the night through without running to the bathroom at 4 am. Which means I have fewer bruises!
Movement? No dice. 

 You can't have a photo shoot with a lemon without a "pet the lemon" picture. Duh, guys.
Also, is my part really on that side of my head?

Miss anything? Stupid Arby's had a commercial... and I love their roast beef with Arby's sauce. I've got quite a list going for post-pregnancy!
Food cravings? Mummmhumm! Pasta salad and chicken salad. And oh my goodness, have you ever eaten a sliced cucumber with vinegar? It's the most awesome thing in the world. Top with fresh ground salt and pepper... and I forgot to get a cucumber at the store yesterday. Rats.
Aversions? Raw poultry- ick. Obviously problematic for grocery shopping and cooking. Raw beef just makes me hungry. In other news, pregnant people are weird.

Oh this face. A face only Thomas could love... or laugh at. Also, he refuses to count when taking pictures. Why am I posting this on the interwebs?

Have you started to show? My teeny tiny baby bump is only visible after 6 pm.
Happy or moody? Happy. Pretty much all the time.
Looking forward to? My 16 week appointment next week. (They see me a few days before my "real" 16 week mark.) At the least, I think they'll be listening to the heartbeat again, which is just the coolest thing in the world. To me. :)
Lucky Duck? This whole nesting thing is awesome. The being in the second trimester- also awesome. Still periods of being tired, but much better. It's such a relief to be past the first third.

 Meh. Doesn't even really look like me.

Gender? I still think it will be a boy- I've thought that since I found out. I will truly be shocked if we find out it's a little girl. As I said last week, I will be happy either way. I am a little antsy about prepping the nursery, but I think it's a good thing I have to wait a few more weeks.
Not my favorite: Headaches. I have them all the time. They don't appear to be subsiding.
Favorite: I still love singing and talking to the Jellybean. I love it even more when Thomas talks to it.
What do I know? Oh my, this child is loved!
Sorry kid but... You might end up with your father's hair. There's a good chance it will never lay down. This won't be too bad if you're a little boy, but if you end up being our little girl, a badger haired ginger, Momma is so so sorry.

I don't care if it's slightly fuzzy, I slapped a few filters on it and it's my favorite. 
This is the official 14 week photo. Winner!

Now don't fall off your chair or anything, and Dad, you should sit down... because I just did some math. I'm 69 inches tall (giant genes), and the baby is 3.4 inches long, so if it were standing, it would be only 1/20 of my height- roughly. At 1.5 ounces, we don't need to do a percentage of my weight. If you need one it's: [insert super tiny fraction here].

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