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Sunday, February 10, 2013

5. I think I've decided what my perfect man is: tall. well educated. able to have conversations about baleen. and pirates. thinks I'm the most awesome person ever. loves being outside. reads and writes well. religious and not a zealot. I'm flexible on actual occupation, hair color, eye color, and whether or not he owns Chacos (a plus). If you find one of these men, just lying around, let me know.
-From Don't have much to say, so a list will do, written February 22, 2011.

A year later, I had been married to that man for 11 days.

A year after that, he and I are celebrating a year of marriage. We're expecting our first child in August.

Does he fit any of those qualifications? Let's see...

Tall? He's 5'10" which is not exceptionally tall, but an inch taller than me. Turns out it works out perfectly. Well educated? A degree in mechanical engineering and a Navy "degree" in nuclear engineering/chemistry. Pretty dang smart. He reads all the time, which is perfect. We have extensive conversations about strange things- sometime stranger than baleen and pirates. Baleen and pirates on many occasions (to be fair, pirates more than baleen). Loves being outside... I don't know that I can give him this one. While yes, he does love whitewater rafting and other hobbies, he joined the submarine force for the air conditioning... so I'm not sure. Considering the option of being outside for other branches consists of the desert, perhaps I can. He writes very well- and I saved every single email we ever wrote each other. Definitely religious, definitely not a zealot. He didn't own Chacos, but he's now addicted to them and has 2 pair.

Probably going to be my favorite picture of you- forever.

I wasn't expecting a Nuclear engineer/mechanic/chemist who operates a reactor on a submarine. I wasn't expecting a boyish face covered in porcupine-like brown hair (true fact: if he grew his hair out, he'd look exactly like a porcupine. He did it in Italy. I pray for our children). And those eyes that are sometimes brown, but unexpectedly turn green... oh, they that make me melt!

Thinks I'm the the most awesome person ever? Yes, he does think that. And he tells me every single day, about 5 times a day, just so I don't forget. We tried to track how many times we say "I love you" a day. We lost count at 37. He still literally sweeps me off my feet.

I don't deserve it- but I got exactly what I asked for.

Dearest Thomas,

We don't have the perfect marriage, but in our imperfections, God teaches us so much. We got a few things right from the beginning- talking about everything, not letting bad feelings fester, and forgiving quickly. And we get better at those things every day. I still maintain that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm so glad you chose me to be your partner in crime life. Thank you for making it your life's mission to love me and make me smile- even when I don't want to. Thank you for waking up early just to snuggle with me before you go to work (even though when you wake me up early, sometimes I want to hit you). Thank you for ignoring my stink eye when you wake me up. Thank you for talking to my belly the baby, because it melts my heart every time. I love that you memorize the words to songs, just so we can sing them together in the car (one of my habits that will never die- thank goodness you think it's cute).

So we're a pair of giant dorks. And that's cool- we have already discussed the ramifications of being dorks on our parenting (sweet for little kids, we're going to have a really hard time when they get older), and we are ready to accept the challenges. I'm ready to accept anything with you. Preferably if we can make the above faces while we face the aforementioned challenges. Be it deployments on submarines for months, my Bipolar Disorder, our disdain for vacuuming, or anything else, I am sure we can handle it together. You are the coolest person I know. I am forever happy to be your champion, best friend, confidant, and wife. If you'd like other titles, let me know and we can add them to my contract. Happy first anniversary- may there be many, many more in our future!

I love you.


Photo credit for the second and third photos belong to Caroline Howard and Riverland Studios. She's awesome.

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