16 Weeks

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

 Can we please just do this as fast as possible?
Too much sun, so much hair, excessive wind.

How far along? 16 weeks! It's going by fast. The Jellybean is the size of an avocado. 4.6 inches long, and 3.5 ounces. Big news this week: Baby can hear!
Total weight gain? Improvement! 4 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Hung and ready for me to wear in my closet. One day. Definitely don't fit in some of my old clothes though. I'm also ready for spring/summer - maxi dresses and skirts!
Sleep? Sleeping really well, quite the blessing.
Movement? I could have sworn that I felt something last night as I was getting ready to drift off. I think I'm just messing with myself though. However, no one is more antsy for movement than Thomas! He cannot wait to feel that baby kick.
Miss anything? Being able to breathe. I think I need to buy a humidifier.
Food cravings? Sour Patch Kids, cheese, bread and butter, bruschetta (which I will post a recipe for sometime soon), strawberries, salsa, chicken nuggets, Mexican food, Girl Scout cookies - grocery shopping is getting harder! I try so hard to stick to my list.
Aversions? Mostly just being a picky eater again. Sometimes a food will sound really gross one minute, and then a few days later I can't get enough of it.
Have you started to show? I had my first person (other than me or Thomas) recognize my baby bump and call it as such. Madison, SquirtFace, you made my day.
Bipolar Disorder? I've been doing okay. It seems to have backed off for now, and I am grateful. I'm moving on and keeping an eye out.
Looking forward to? Move, Chicklet, move!
Best day this week? Spending some time at a big consignment sale this past Saturday. It was all kid and baby things, so I got to scope out some things and scoop up some bargains. I got a Miracle Blanket (for swaddling) for $15, a Boon Frog for $5, some safety latches for a song, and a few other small things at great prices.
Gender? I'm starting to waver. I had a day dream about a little girl last week. I've said it before and I'll say it again- I'm more concerned with this little avocado being healthy than anything else.
Favorite: Loving that my nesting is kicking into high gear. Poor Thomas. I'm asleep on the couch one day, dragging him to Babies R Us the next day.
What do I know? Beware - reading comments on places like thebump.com never seems to be a good idea. Limit your information to things and people you trust.
Sorry kid but... If you are a girl, your father may never let you date. I'll push for your dating privileges, but currently I'm trying to talk him out of buying a double-barreled shotgun if you are a girl. Because in his words, "If she is even half as beautiful as her mother, one barrel just won't be enough." I feel for you, honey.

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