19 Weeks

Thursday, March 28, 2013

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 19 weeks! And a visibly protruding belly.

How far along? 19 weeks! The Jellybean is the size of a mango (oooh, more exotic produce!). 6 inches long, and 8.5 ounces. Highlights: Little One has hair on his or her head!
Total weight gain? 8 pounds. I'm realizing how easy it is to go from "no weight gain no matter how hard I try" to "if I let myself go, I might be able to gain 10 pounds in a week." That last part is not an exaggeration. I'm not very worried about my weight, but I do still have 21 more weeks to go... Hungry little mango baby. Hungry mama.
Maternity clothes? Non-maternity clothes are definitely starting to sit funny! I looked down the other day (thank goodness I was in my house) to see my pants, two inches of bump, and my shirt perched jauntily on top. I'm more careful about what I wear out!
Movement? Oh I have been waiting so long for it! Monday afternoon I went upstairs and laid on my side in hopes of feeling it move... and then inadvertently ended up taking a two hour nap! I wait every night before I go to bed, too. I know for the first pregnancy (when you don't really know what you're waiting to feel), it can be up to 22+ weeks before you feel it, so I'm not worried.

Miss anything? Sushi and steak (steak because I like mine cooked medium-rare, and everything I hear says to keep all of your meat fully cooked. I'm not 80 yet, I don't want my steak well-done).
Food cravings? Bread and butter. We got some Smart Balance olive oil spread and it is rocking my world- spread over the Publix 5 grain Italian (hearty, but still bread-like) fresh baked... oh my. Heaven. That, and we had amazing chicken parmesan tonight. (Thanks for the recipe, Mom!) Oh it was so good and I am sitting here feeling so satisfied.
Have you started to show? Yes. If you come visit me at 10 pm, I truly look 5 months pregnant. By the time I go to sleep, I'm usually convinced that the fetus is no longer in the fetal position, and is doing long stretching yoga poses in it's habitat.
Sleep? Better this week than the last few. Still the occasional ligament pain and general discomfort. Lots of funny dreams though. Topics include icing cake, eating cake, the baby (girl in my dream), Thomas working weird jobs (can't remember the specifics), etc.

Looking forward to? Movement, the big ultrasound next week, and my prenatal massage tomorrow!! Oh yes, 45 awesome minutes to ease discomfort, help me relax, and improve my circulation. Thanks, Husband! You're the best.
Symptoms: Allergies (though they've gotten better), headaches, itchy itchy dry skin, and very fast-growing fingernails and hair!
Belly Button in or out? Still in. Still funny looking. The only way I can think to describe it is this: before, if you stuck your finger in my belly button, it would have gone straight in (and I would have slapped you). Now, if you stuck your finger in my belly button, it will go in at a 45 degree angle (and I would still slap you). Does that help?
Gender? April 5. April 5. So close and yet so far away!
Best moment this week? Lots of ups and downs this week, but definitely the most memorable moments have been Moby and Otto coming up to my belly and sniffing a great deal. I think they know something's up!
What do I know? Ditto what I wrote last week. Back support!

 The flash didn't go off, sorry. But it was a funny picture!

Note to the Jellybean: You make me a better person. There have been a few situations recently where I've wanted my raging hormones/more passionate side (to put it nicely) to win out. But after I think about you, I don't. Let's be honest, Little Bit, I don't know Jack Diddly about parenting yet and I will not pretend to know anything. But I have a few goals. I want you to know every single day that you're alive/living in my uterus that you are loved. You are always going to be loved by me and by your father. ALWAYS. I want you to know that God loves you. Like, this crazy almost inexplicable amount that will be really hard to grasp, but we'll try to teach you anyway. Because of the love of your earthy parents and your heavenly one (and a whole bunch of other people who you'll get introduced to soon), I want you to try your hardest to share that love and grace with everyone else. People you agree with, people you don't, people who deserve it, people who don't. Because there will be at least one point in your life where you do something to feel like you don't deserve anyone's love- and we will all still be here loving you anyway. Everyone deserves love, Little One. Everyone. Because of what I want to teach you and the person I'd like you to be, I try to make sure that I'm the person that I should be to teach you these things. So thank you, little tiny mango-sized human whose limbs and head are all now fully proportional. Thank you for making me think twice before I do something mean or stupid and be a little faster to grace and love.


  1. Oh! Prenatal massages are amazing! Make sure you get one in the 3rd trimester - it's an amazing opportunity to get to lay on your stomach.

  2. How was the massage?! You are looking so cute! :)