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Monday, March 18, 2013

I learned yesterday that they (the all-powerful entity that is Google) are getting rid of Google Reader and Google Friend Connect (the little photo icons on the side of the blog of people who are ever so kind enough to follow me). This means that I have to become more social-media savvy to assist you (my lovely readers) in finding new ways to keep up with this blog. I admit, this blog was about as social-media savvy as I got. I have no Twitter, I forget to use Instagram, I still don't know exactly what Google + is (would someone like to explain it to me?), and basically, though I was a child of the internet, I am not as good as everyone else is in keeping up with it. But times change and Google Reader dies. That is life. So here's what I'm doing to ensure that you can still follow along...

I bit the bullet and got a Facebook page for this little blog. I know, Facebook wants small businesses to pay and blogs to pay to get their readers to see them (and I'm definitely not bringing in any money from this blog... maybe one day), but if this works for you, hooray! I'll put any new posts on here, any blog related updates, and whatever else I can think of. It also creates yet another way for you to get in touch with me. I've already tried (and failed) to put in one of the little Facebook "like boxes" in my sidebar, so if anyone wants to help me with that, I'm open to assistance. If you are friends with me on my personal page, I will still be posting new blog posts there as well.

This little box has been in my right sidebar for quite a while now. You put in your email address, it sends a confirmation email to you, and voila, you get the newest blog posts sent to your email. They usually arrive a few hours after I post them. You will have to come back to the blog to post a comment, see what the blog looks like, or check out tab ("about," "bipolar disorder," etc) content- all you get in the email is a new post.

It's like Google Reader, only super clean and very easy to follow. You can even import all of your Google Reader blogs when you sign up. It took me approximately 46.7 seconds to get going. You can mark posts as "read" or "unread" and generally just keep everything in one place. Easy peasy. Even for me. This is what it looks like and those are some of the blogs I follow...

So there you go. One other option is to relentlessly come back day after day the old school way (by typing the URL of my blog in) and see if I've posted anything. You know, whatever works for you. I just want you to be happy. Really. I even learned how to do screen shots on my computer to make you happy. Did you like that? I know, super fancy.

Another note on comments: I have been faithfully replying to comments on my blog posts under the comments that you leave. I am going to switch to email (unless you are a no-reply commenter, in which case, you can find my reply under your comment on the blog). Okay? Cool. So if you want to get replies from me via email, add to your address book. Due to technology and whatnot, they may accidentally come from my personal email address. Sorry to confuse you. Okay, are we done with blog-keeping for the day? Because I have to get on this housekeeping stuff eventually...

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