Things happening in my house

Monday, March 4, 2013

 This photo has nothing to do with the content of this post. It is just beautiful. 
And we all deserve to look at something beautiful every day.
Isle of Iona, Scotland

+ Moby broke his collar today. The buckle snapped in two while he was out on his tie out in the back yard. Of course I don't have a spare collar that is his size, so he's currently wearing his puppy collar stretched to the max. A new Chaco collar is on its way from REI. Tomorrow Thomas and I go buy some tie out-appropriate collars.

+ Thomas is trying to convince me that having a gun in the house is a good idea. I cannot see the logic behind this. [Though I would like to insert that it's a personal choice to have a gun and I am not sweepingly anti-gun.] I'm just anti-gun for me. I have no reason for having one and never in the last 24 years have I needed one. However, he brought up the zombie apocalypse and I agreed since we don't have a fighting chance in other ways, it might be a point in the pro column.

+ The Jellybean has been mighty hungry today and that has led to some less-than-stellar nutritional choices. Not all of it was bad (another cucumber with vinegar), but I'm going to try for some more balanced options tomorrow. Please tell me why a half a bag (one of the small ones from Subway) of Doritos is just so satisfying?

+ My pregnancy congestion has led to additional problems of nosebleeds and horrible, dry lips from mouth breathing. It's not pretty. I also cannot drink booze, have a severely restricted diet, I sneeze more than anyone you've ever met, almost any smell freaks me out, and I am tired of having to perpetually sleep on my side. No, not complaining, just trying to help out those women whose uteri (that really is the plural, I looked it up) are also crying out for babies.

+ [If you are one of the aforementioned women who are not ready for a Jellybean of your own, then don't read this one.] Awesome things about pregnancy: Thomas has to do all the toilet/bathroom cleaning; ultrasounds and doppler heartbeats are the coolest things in the world; I can take naps anytime without weird looks; and I am growing a human in me! That thought can lead to trippy thoughts in your pregnant brain, existential quandaries, but mostly you just end up thinking how awesome God, women, and eventually you, are. Maybe I'm just weird.

+ If you see me in person, please don't comment on my hair. I'm hating it right now. My bangs (or small outcrop of hair nearest my forehead- they don't even deserve to be called bangs) are wonky every day and though I don't want them or wish they were longer, I also hate my forehead at the moment. The mistake of my haircut is currently growing out... okay, it's not that bad, but I'm hormonal- it feels bad. Something must be done!

+ I don't know how to get rid of the "Pin It" button that doesn't work and shows up below this post and every post. I'm fine if you want to pin anything on here to Pinterest (if you cite me as the source), but they changed their button settings shortly after I installed it and I can't find the proper tutorial on how to get it off. It's taken three years for the blog to get this far. I don't really know that much.

Okay kids, hopefully the 16 week pregnancy post will be up tomorrow, as it is written, I'm just waiting on my photographer to get home when there's light outside and we have the produce in question. Hint: guacamole! 


  1. I live there! You can see the roof of my housie in that picture!