20 Weeks

Monday, April 1, 2013

 20 Weeks & this is my parents' house. 
That's why it's painted, decorated, and clean.

How far along? 20 weeks! The Jellybean is the size of a banana. 6.5 inches long, and a whopping 10.6 ounces. Highlights: We find out if our Jellybean is a HeBean or a SheBean this Friday! We can't wait to find out and let you know. Please say a prayer that it doesn't get modest and try to hide it. Also, any prayers for health are always appreciated.
Total weight gain? Still 8 pounds. No weight gain this week.
Maternity clothes? A few things are working their way into my rotation, and I wore a maternity dress for Easter Sunday. And people stared at my stomach- the news is now out, haha. I also wore legitimate maternity jeans today for the first time. The elastic waist reminds me of most of the clothes I had in 2nd grade. I just wasn't quite this tall yet.*
Movement? YES! Hallelujah and thank you!! The first bit of movement I could feel was Saturday. It's so weird and it brings a huge smile to my face every time it happens. The best way I can describe it is the feeling of going as high as you can on a swing, then your stomach dropping when you are on your way back down. It's pretty brief, but sometimes I'll feel it several times in an hour, usually when I'm sitting down and can pay attention. Like when I'm writing.** :)

Family! Hannah wasn't here yet, but you can see her below.
Squirt Face is in the middle. The guy on the end is where I get my brown eyes and height.

Miss anything? I long for the days when Chinese food didn't make me sick. On a related note, Thomas would greatly appreciate anyone who will go out for Chinese food with him.
Food cravings? Fruit: green apples, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe. Easter candy, and ham, too. And deviled eggs- boy, do I love Easter.
Have you started to show? Yes. It is out and about and hopefully looking less like a large amount of weight gained and more like an indicator of a growing human. I'm getting more of the "I didn't know you were pregnant!!" and the "How are you feeling?" questions. Most people seem surprised, which I find genuinely funny. It is pretty startling when you don't see me every day, as the bump sort of came out in a week or two and can be huge! (Especially if I just ate.)
Sleep? Pretty good. I'm still enjoying sleeping through the night and not looking forward to the inevitable return of my hourly trips to the bathroom. Keeping a pillow between my legs definitely helps with the discomfort and easing back strain. I'm also sleeping on my side about 95% of the time (recommended for circulation and not letting my blood pressure drop). That other 5% is when I wake up on my back (not much I can do there).

Banana phone!

Symptoms: Little leg cramps, shortness of breath, higher energy, and as a few people have commented, a general pregnancy glow (sweet!).
Belly Button in or out? Still in. Probably half as deep as pre-pregnancy.
Looking forward to? The big ultrasound! Hopes for excellent health, getting to watch the little one for a full hour, a determination of gender, and news that everything is progressing as it should. To answer a few questions: we will be sharing the gender with you, but we won't be sharing any names until the Jellybean has graced the world with his or her presence. We also should be able to see a great deal in this ultrasound. Facial features are almost completely developed, and our 20 week-old fetus is going to look a lot like a baby! We didn't get to see a whole lot at our first ultrasound (at 7.5 weeks). That's where we got the Jellybean nickname, because that's about how big it was. We saw a little blob and a heartbeat. It's been growing like crazy, with lots of huge developments, so we're excited to see how far he or she has come.
Gender? April 5. April 5. I'll try to post that day for you!
Best moment this week? An amazing massage a few days ago, and spending time with my family over Easter. And eating 4 or 5 deviled eggs.
Note to the Jellybean: Hey Little Bit (I sometimes call Otto the same thing, but you are probably more deserving of the moniker since he's 55 pounds)! Thank you so much for moving so I can feel it! I think I have to agree with everyone else- it's the coolest part of pregnancy. I love having this connection with you, but I'll be really thrilled when other people can start feeling it too- namely your father, because I can just see his cute face lighting up over you. I love thinking of who you're going to be. I hope to give you a world of opportunity and love. I'm so excited to meet you! I know it's a ways off (and at 10.6 oz, you have some fattening up to do), but I can't wait to see your face and personality and... I'm just trying to say that this is all really exciting. I'm getting gushy, so I'll stop now. As always, know that we love you!

There's Aunt Hannah and Aunt Madison!

*Fun fact: I was usually the first, second, or third tallest in height in my class every year from first to fifth grade. This happened again when I started high school as most of the boys did not reach their growth spurt for a year or two. Yep, 5'9" at 14. Had I met Thomas at that same age, I would have been 10 inches taller than he was.
**Has moved 4 times since I started writing this post! Make that 5...

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