21 Weeks

Monday, April 8, 2013

21 weeks along (and a windy day)!
Here she is! Cute little nose and everything. Can't remember if this particular shot 
is showing her arm or foot (upper right corner)- she was moving and shaking like crazy.
Miss the announcement? Click here. See the story behind it in the comments.

How far along? 21 weeks! The Jellybean is the size of a pomegranate- but Publix didn't have those available so... ear of corn it is! About 10 inches long, and 13 ounces (the length is a guesstimate, but the weight was measured Friday).
Total weight gain? 10 pounds. Right where I should be.
Maternity clothes? Those are my maternity jeans in my 20 week picture. But I'm much smaller than I expected to be. It's not a bad thing- I can easily wear some non-maternity tops and dresses, which expands my options. I definitely have some things, but I just don't need to wear them now.
Movement? Yes! Every single day. I've even started to feel a few kicks in the morning, but she's still pretty active late at night. It's definitely easier since I know now what I'm waiting to feel. I'm hoping they'll be strong enough for Thomas to feel in a few weeks.
Gender? IT'S A GIRL! We were totally shocked and it's still sinking in for both of us that we'll welcome a daughter in August. Thomas looked terrified the day we found out, but by the time we went to bed that night, I think it had sunk in more and he was excited. I'm pretty sure it was all my fault, as I was convinced I was getting a little boy. But we are thrilled and it's led to many funny conversations and daydreams about who this chica is going to turn out to be.

Little foot!

Miss anything? Being able to sit on the floor and get back up without assistance. It just doesn't happen anymore. Thankfully my husband is really strong.
Food cravings? Chicken salad, pasta, and my pregnancy got the best of me at the grocery store yesterday and I came home with donuts. Oh, darn.
Have you started to show? Yes. It's still small, but it exists!
Sleep? Very good. I've been sleeping through the night. I'm not thrilled about the no sleeping on my back, but I usually am a side sleeper anyway, so it's not too big of a deal. I usually get 5 minutes on my back before I go to sleep and 5 after I wake up, just to stretch out my back.
Bipolar Disorder? Happy to say that everything on that front is going well. Since the post I wrote a while back, no more bad days (just one in 21 weeks? Awesome!).
Names? We have picked out names. We actually had them picked out before I was pregnant! So now that we know the gender, we're just trying them out when we talk to her, making sure we like how they sound. Sadly (for you), we are sticking to the plan of not sharing until she decides to grace us with her presence. Hey, if you get to know how much I currently weigh, you can handle waiting. :)

Ever-so-slightly creepy baby skull. And little hands.

Symptoms: Dry skin, indigestion, occasional fatigue. I've been counting my blessings instead of my symptoms mostly, because this pregnancy has gone incredibly well so far.
Belly Button in or out? Still in. Probably half as deep as pre-pregnancy.
Looking forward to? Deciding on some nursery things, more nesting, generally just enjoying this time of having energy, readying the house for a baby in a few months that will fly by, and keeping my feet up. :)
Best moment this week? Definitely the ultrasound and doctor's visit on Friday. It went really well and was so much fun to share the news with family and friends.
So what did the doctor say? That she looks great! Instead of meeting with the midwife at 20 weeks, we did a one-time check with a doctor who reviewed the zillions of ultrasound pictures to check and make sure everything looks super. She's measuring a little small, but there was some initial confusion about the due date when I first came in (not a big deal, but I hadn't had a period after stopping my birth control and before getting pregnant, so my cycle didn't have a chance to regulate itself before a God decided it was time for me to have a baby in there! No complaints here.) so the Jellybean may come out on the revised due date, or she may hang out in me a while longer. One of the reasons we're not sharing my given due date. It's all good. And as a bonus, I might get another ultrasound out of it! But as for everything else: no cleft palate, no markers of heart trouble, no signs that additional testing for anything else is needed. And I have a 3-vessel umbilical cord (the normal number, so that's good). We are very happy, and very appreciative of any prayers and kind thoughts you sent our way.

Big yawn! Flipping her legs above her head must have worn her out. See the big blob 
above her body? That's my placenta. I know you're thrilled to find that out, right?

Note to the Jellybean: Hello Little Girl! First, I'm sorry that we thought you were a boy for so long. Thanks for the (as my father/your grandfather called it) sittin'-naked-on-a-copying-machine-picture (don't worry, I'm not posting that one to the internet)! The ultrasound tech was quite sure you were a girl when you gave us that shot. We are so glad that you are developing well, sustaining your own little heartbeat and movements (you didn't get your flexibility from your father, but you totally got the nail and finger-biting we saw from him). It's amazing that we got to see your brain, heart, kidneys, ribs, spine, bones in your arms and legs- the development is unbelievable from the last time we saw you- you were just a little jellybean-sized blob with a heartbeat. I'm amazed. Your big, furry, four-legged brothers seem to love the little girls who live next door, so I think you're in good paws with them, and odds are good that you can already hear their barking. Your dad is very averse to pink and it's also not my favorite color, but I realized today that you can't not wear pink. They just don't make a lot of girl options that aren't pink. I'm also trying to make him understand that you will grow up to be your own little person- perhaps one who has pink as a favorite color. You also could be as strong-willed as your mother, who only wore green for a month when she was 2 or 3. Either way, keep growing strong in there and moving around lots!
Much love, your Mom

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