A place for the Jellybean

Friday, April 19, 2013

It took 10 days and countless man-hours, but the nursery went from this heap (mid-organizing)...

To this blank slate:

The desk (which is really just a folding table) is still up so that I can sew and work on some projects for the nursery. This is a small room, so once we get it painted and assemble furniture, I'm kicked out. Hopefully that will happen soon, because I have a very large un-assembled crib sitting in my dining room- and it's time it found a new home. 

I don't have a ton for this post, but it's a great deal more than what I had 6 weeks ago, which was nothing more than a vague notion that the child should have a place to sleep when the time comes. First up, paint. Last week I posted a rather intimidating picture of 50+ paint chips and a photo beneath of a more manageable selection. Turns out, none of those "final selection" chips were our final selections. Of course. I'm still glad I brought them all home, because they looked totally different than they did in store. After taping them up and living with them for three days, I brought 3 samples home with me and put them up on the wall.

Satin paint samples + textured walls + window on the opposite wall + photographer who doesn't know what she's doing = glare. But this still captures the colors well. The left was just too dark for us and the right just too bright. The middle is soothing, still a good dose of color, and is just very relaxing in person. It's called Still Tidewater, a Lowcountry name for these walls if there ever was one. If you're curious the one on the left was Serendipity (a tempting name!) and the right is Sprinkle.

While I'm sold on the paint color for the room, I'm not set on any accent color(s). I'm leaning towards yellow and white or grey, but citrus tones also seem fun. Poor Thomas. I'm entrenched in nesting and planning every detail and... well he works on a submarine and couldn't tell you what an accent color is. Lest you think he doesn't care, what I mean is that he's happy to roll strollers, put a crib together, read books to my belly, and indulge my every craving. He's an operations man. Yes he does have an opinion on that stroller- he has to operate it! I am simply a very pregnant woman, who with a blessing of hormones and a swelling belly, has decreed this room my project. I'm the details foil to my big-picture husband. And we are a super team.

So here's what I've got:

-A brand-new, never used or even had the box opened glider, thanks to Craigslist. [The Storkcraft Tuscany Glider & Ottoman in beige and espresso wood]
-Chunky knit ottoman/poof [Target in grey, but comes in many colors]
-Softest Owl and little bunny [Pier One]
-Yellow lamp [Target]
-Table [hand-me-down, no idea where it's from]
-Elephant basket [Marshall's, brand is Sheffield Home]
-Bird print [World Market]

Not pictured:
-Babyletto Hudson Crib (so modern! I fell in love with it and scooped it up when it went on sale)
-Ikea Hemnes Dresser (we're skipping a changing table, but after looking high and low for options for a low dresser that could double as a changing table for a while, this truly affordable one with clean lines is what I came up with.)
-Window seat that's coming from my parents

We want a nursery that's fun, soothing, and highly portable. Much as I'd love to paint a mural or quote on the wall, I would hate having to paint over it when we move. So with the exception of painting the walls one color, we want everything to be able to move along with us. Because odds are good that we will move before the Jellybean can even walk. And no, the giant whiteboard will not be staying in her room. She may beg for it when she's a toddler though!

To Ikea tomorrow! I'll post more nursery-related things when we have furniture assembled and the room is painted. Have a great weekend!


  1. cute! I love how it's coming along and can't wait to see the rest!

    1. Thanks! Plugging along, bit by bit. :) Hopefully painting in the next few weeks.