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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby Girl and I listen to music all of the time- from setting up my iPhone on my belly to singing to her in the car (no one else needs to hear my voice, but she seems to like it) along with the radio. Here are some favorites- some for the lyrics, some for the wake-up factor, and some for her moving more when it's playing. Either way, if you're prepping for summer, getting your spring cleaning on, or have a dancing fetus of your own, perhaps you'll like my selections.

1. Amos Lee "Seen It All Before" (She likes this one)

2. Coldplay "Life In Technicolor" (sweeping instrumentals)

3. Paolo Nutini "New Shoes" (remember this?)

4. Great Big Sea "Feel It Turn" (makes me feel better every time)

5. Phillip Phillips "Gone Gone Gone" (love the lyrics and could listen to it on repeat...)

6. Chris Trapper "Avalanche" (love it. just love it)

7. Will Hoge "Baby Girl" (I love this for obvious reasons- she does too, she's moving like crazy as it's playing now. Video is a little jumpy, but skip to 1:45 to skip the jumpy stuff and the talking)

8. The Kinks "All Day and All of the Night" (sound quality isn't great, but original footage is pretty cool- you'll still know what song it is. Other videos have more clear recordings.)

Here's to hoping that you get the Herin gene for musical talent, Jellybean. I bet you can get Grandpa Sam to play "Baby Beluga" on the guitar- he'd do it for you.

Need more music? Click here, here, or here to keep avoiding whatever work you should be doing and watching YouTube videos I've put into playlists. I'm not here to judge.

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