24 Weeks

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yes, way overdue, but I did write it- I just never got a picture. Until now!

How far along? 24 weeks- just 16 short weeks left to go! The Jellybean is the size of a cantaloupe- which is excellent, because cantaloupe is coming into season and I am craving it. Also learned that my uterus is the size of a soccer ball. Must be why it's harder to breathe. Little girl is almost a foot long! From last week: So you know, there is a little bit of a discrepancy in the size of the fruits.  Unlike the first trimester where embryos develop at around the same pace, the fetus in the second trimester after week 19 or so develops differently. Some gain weight faster, some slower. It's normal, and why babies are born at different weights. I'll keep trying to give you measurements, but they are only guesses (unless I have another ultrasound).
Gender? It's a she-bean!
Total weight gain? Still 13 pounds. My midwife said last Monday that this is great. Weight needed varies from woman to woman- as long as I'm not underweight, I'm getting the right nutrition for the day, the baby is still measuring well, and I'm not eating for two, then I'm golden. I definitely don't skip meals and I eat frequent, small snacks. Lots of walks every day (another reason having dogs is great) keep me active, but not straining anything.
Maternity clothes? I'm itching for some warmer weather to go for a swim! I found a maternity swim suit and I'm ready to break it in.
Movement? Three every lucky people have felt her move- my mom and sister felt her go nuts Saturday, and Baby Byrd kicked for her daddy on Sunday. She must be tired from all that because I've only felt a few small kicks tonight, and normally she's up.
Miss anything? I drooled over some sushi at Fresh Market on Sunday and I will be happy when the thought of Chinese food no longer makes me gastrointestinally disturbed.
Food cravings? Smoothies, tomato soup, chocolate chip cookies, cheese, and white cheddar cheez-its. Chipotle too. Who doesn't love Chipotle?

Really? Cantaloupe? I guess I believe that.

Have you started to show? We were in the midwife's waiting room last Monday and a noticeably pregnant woman walked out of the office. My mom leaned over to me and whispered "You'll get that big!" I whispered back, "I don't believe you!" After talking with my midwife (see above in the weight section), I'm fine with where I am. The little girl in me is doing great and my body is taking on what it needs to take on.
Sleep? Sleeping well and sleeping a lot! As my mom reminded me, as lovely as this little girl may be- she's a huge drain on my energy... and she provides none in return. So I'm trying to let myself sleep longer and not feel guilty about it.
Belly Button in or out? Wide, shallow, and still an innie.
Symptoms? Pregnancy brain. I am so tired of forgetting. I keep a calendar in my kitchen, planner in my purse, and iCal on my phone- but if I forget to write something in there... oh dear. Usually any mishaps are easily fixed and forgiven, but I do feel really bad when it starts to interfere with other people and is no longer just about pot holders in the freezer. Other than that? Backaches, dry skin, fast hair growth, fast nail growth, some circulation issues.
What are you looking forward to? I've signed up for a breastfeeding class, infant CPR, and a newborn class already and getting those on the calendar has made me feel a little more at rest. We'll be choosing a pediatrician soon, painting in May, and slowly checking things off our to-do list.
Best moment this week? Definitely seeing how happy my mom, sister, and Thomas were at feeling the Jellybean kick. I've been enjoying this movement for a month now, so it's awesome to be able to share that that joy. My mom came to my midwife appointment today (Thomas had work and I like to have someone there to listen) and she got to hear the heartbeat (holding strong at 140 bpm). It's fun getting to share these things.
Note to the Jellybean: Hey there Jellybean! How are you, little girl? You must be doing a lot of growing in there right now because my energy is sapped. But you take what you need and I'll keep filling us full of good food (and a little ice cream) and sneaking in a few naps. I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going by! I remember the Saturday morning I found out you were in me like yesterday. Lots of hyperventilating. There was definitely a happy dance around my room. I had to sit quietly on the bed for 20 minutes until I calmed down enough to tell your dad (and one of only two times I've ever seen him cry).

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