25 Weeks

Sunday, May 12, 2013

 Happy 25 weeks! I forgo the cauliflower for a much more attractive prop. :)
We had a nice picture before this goofy one... but I had my eyes closed.

How far along? 25 weeks. The Jellybean is the size of a cauliflower. 13.5 inches and a pound and a half. As we are approaching the final trimester (eek!), she's starting to work on getting bigger- getting that cute baby fat. She also has hair color, and I'm definitely hoping for a little redhead!
Gender? It's a she-bean! Girls are fun to shop for.
Total weight gain? Almost 14 pounds.
Movement? All of the time! She's now in the few weeks where she's most active- there's tons of room for her to do full flips and wiggle all over. She can definitely be felt from the outside now. Sometimes it will be a little burst of movement- just one or two kicks, other times she'll go bananas for half an hour. She moves when she's hungry, moves right after she's been fed, and has started moving more during the day (which means I can try and have more friends and family members feel her). It gives me hope that she won't be nocturnal forever.
Miss anything? A margarita. I am positive this Jellybean is worth every second of not drinking, but it will be super to have those again.
Food cravings? More fruit, tea, yogurt, cheese, Tostitos hint of lime tortilla chips, burritos, cucumbers, baby carrots and salad dressing. Lots of Mexican food.

Pregnancy Manners: A new topic for this week! Here, I'll list some things that most pregnant women wish everyone else knew/respected (are pregnant/have been? Leave me a comment and I'll tack it on in the weeks to come!). I'll start with a nice, big, obvious one- unless you were invited, keep your hands off my stomach. Asking is fine, but respect my wishes. Definitely don't come at me with your hands out. Usually I'm happy to let you feel the weird, giant, firm, sphere that is my stomach, but ask please!
Have you started to show? I have a 24/7 baby bump.
Sleep/Bipolar Disorder? Sleeping pretty well, other than when an upset stomach wakes me. I am thrilled to let you know that the Benadryl I take nightly to help me go to sleep is down from two capsules to one! I started taking it as a fetus-safe way to fall asleep. After years of Bipolar meds that forced drowsiness, my body had forgotten how to sleep on its own. So cutting my Benadryl in half is an excellent sign that my body is remembering more of what it used to do all of those years ago. Medication is helpful, but it's really awesome when you don't need to take it (or take as much)!
Symptoms? Oh my aching back! You and your little habitat are putting a lot of pressure on my back. Thankfully Thomas is very generous with back rubs and I've found a creative way to pop the pressure that builds up at the base of my spine (if you need that trick, let me know). Also indigestion has taken a rapid turn for the worse. I'll leave it at that.
Belly Button in or out? More of a kiddie pool, definitely not the deep end anymore.

What are you looking forward to? The big thing this week is meeting with my former pediatrician who will hopefully become the Jellybean's pediatrician. We have a little meet up on Monday to talk some things over. As the days I have left until the arrival dwindle, every minute counts!
Best moment this week? A little unrelated to the topic of pregnancy, but very much related to you- your Aunt Hannah graduated Saturday (see above)! I was tearing up as she started walking across the stage (mostly your fault, as these hormones make me cry at every blessed thing), but pulled myself together. You were kicking like mad this morning all through her ceremony! I don't blame you, that's one cool aunt you have and I'd be pretty excited to meet her too.
Note to the Jellybean: I promise I'm not as weird as these limited pictures make me seem. I just get a little awkward when the camera is turned on me. Let's just say that modeling was not a career choice for me and there's a reason why, before this little project, I could go about 4 months between photos of me. Despite my marginal embarrassment that I post this on the internet weekly, I'm glad I am doing this and I hope that I get to share this with you in a few years... and turn the camera on you in a few short months! Love you, baby girl.

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