26 Weeks

Friday, May 17, 2013

26 weeks! If the Jellybean stretched out, she'd be a little longer than this loaf of bread.

How far along? 26 weeks. The Jellybean is the size of a head of lettuce, or if, like us, you don't have a head of lettuce handy- a loaf of bread. About 14 inches and a pound and a half to two pounds. Her eyes are forming and her eyelashes are already in! She's practicing for our world, taking big breaths of amniotic fluid. She also gets hiccups! I've felt them a few times already.
Gender? It's a girl! We speculate daily as to what she will be like.
Movement? Yes! She moves much more during the day now, and Thomas is fascinated by her movements and how active our little girl is. A sure way of getting her to wake up is by having her daddy talk to her- within 10 minutes she's moving around. She's getting stronger, too. It's definitely not painful yet, but I'm finding out how big she is getting by where her kicks are! It is by far one of the most awesome parts of pregnancy.
Food cravings? Apples, white cheddar Cheez-its, yogurt, garlic bread, hamburgers.
Pregnancy Manners: I'll just paste this from my Facebook page: At 26 weeks pregnant, I'd really like for people to stop looking at me like I'm lying, asking "seriously?!?!?!?!", or straight up saying "I don't believe you" when they find out I'm pregnant. Given 2 ultrasounds, incessant kicking and stretching, indigestion, not being able to fit into my pants anymore, and a host of other symptoms too inappropriate to list here, I can assure you that I am carrying a little girl in my stomach, despite my small size. And because I have heard this from multiple people, I'll share this one: Exclaiming "You're about to POP!!!" to a pregnant woman is never a good idea. You have no idea how far along she is- she may have another 4 months of being pregnant. Even if she only has another 4 days, you exclaiming how huge she is probably isn't making her feel any better. 

 Love this picture!!

Have you started to show? Given how many times I have heard that I don't look pregnant, I guess it probably depends on who you are and how pregnant someone has to look before you believe it.
Sleep? Like I mentioned last week, I've cut my Benadryl down to one per night- and it's been awesome. I've had a stuffy nose (pregnant or not, never helpful when trying to sleep) for the last few days, but other than that, I am sleeping well.
Symptoms? It got real today. I had my first Braxton Hicks contractions. Not fun. I had two on the drive back from Florida today (Thomas had eye surgery). Of course, they were during a stretch where I couldn't really get out and move around to ease my discomfort. I'm guessing (or hoping) they won't be so uncomfortable when I'm not stuck in the same position for hours!
Belly Button in or out? Still in, very shallow.
What are you looking forward to? My parents have generously offered to paint the nursery for us on Sunday, so we are very much looking forward to that! Then we'll be able to put together the crib and dresser and finally start to see her room come together!
Total weight gain? 14 pounds.
Best moment this week? While driving to and from Jacksonville isn't really my cup of tea, I do have to say that it was really nice spending Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with Thomas. It's not a vacation to get PRK eye surgery, but after his first night shift after 2.5 months of day staff, I remember just how precious it is to spend time with my husband. I am thankful for that.

 A freshly baked bun in the oven.

Note to the Jellybean: Little girl, part of me wants to speed forward to August because I just can't wait to meet you. The other part of me wants you to spend as long as you need in my uterus! Every week I read these crazy new developments you're making- swallowing, breathing, growing your digestive tract, experiencing light. So I know this time in there is so important to give you your best shot at making it in this big world. Considering how much we have left to do, I think it's also good if you give us these last few months! I can't believe how much you've nuzzled into my heart and into your father's. I'm crazy attached to you- from the first time I saw you, a little grey blob with a heartbeat to a little fetus with a face and limbs who sucked her thumb in front of us. I can't even imagine what it will be like when I see your face in my world and get to hold you for the first time. Well, perhaps a little part of me knows, because my eyes are filled with tears right now and I'm laughing too. We passed the 100 days until your due date mark too! See you in 3 months, Jellybean!


  1. uh yeah, you definitely look pregnant! I always hated when people said I didn't look pregnant at all because I felt like they were telling me that they think I always look that fat! LOL

    1. I know, right?!?! It's like, should I just not worry about my weight since I always look like I've gained 15 pounds? Lol, yeah. Now I know how it feels, so I will always tell the tiny pregnant ladies in my life- "You look so cute. And girl, that is *definitely* a baby bump!"