27 Weeks

Thursday, May 23, 2013

 27 weeks along. One of those weeks where I didn't like any of the pictures. :(
Why can't I smile like a normal person?

How far along? 27 weeks. I'm officially in the 3rd trimester!!! According to the little growth chart, she should be the size of a rutabega, but they were looking very small, so we went with last week's produce: a head of lettuce. About 14 inches and a pound and a half to two pounds- somewhere in that same range from last week. Her lungs are developing quickly and she's inhaling and exhaling more of that delicious amniotic fluid. She's also showing lots of brain activity- that will only get stronger in the weeks to come.
Gender? It's a girl!
Movement? The week is the first week I've been able to notice her movement just by looking! I see my stomach jump and move and wiggle all the time. It's crazy and fun. Thomas gets to feel her move most days and is continually blown away by how active she is. Ate a few cookies last night and felt the effects of a sugar rush on her! I'm in awe.
Food cravings? More apples! Pesto, gnocchi, this great recipe for cookies.
Pregnancy Manners: Baby names. We are deftly avoiding scrutiny by not sharing our baby names. For Thomas and I, it's fun to have something we're keeping to ourselves- especially since I have a blog and share every other detail! It also allows us to dodge comments that are "Oh my Aunt had that name and she hated it." or "That's so common/old fashioned/unique/interesting." What I've learned is that it's really hard for the parents to agree on a name - one that has no connotations from old girlfriends/boyfriends/bullies in elementary school. Once we picked out something we both liked, we didn't want anyone else inserting their (however kindly intended) opinions. Some people are far braver than we are and gleefully insert other people into the naming process. Whatever works best for you, I say. Here's to hoping no one says awkward things after her name is attached to her surely cute little face. *fingers crossed*

Silly me.

Have you started to show? Third trimester and people still don't believe I'm pregnant.
Symptoms? No more Braxton Hicks contractions, but plenty of Charlie horses, circulation issues, back pain, occasional swelling, fast growing hair and nails, and dehydration if I'm not careful (this has led to a huge tumbler of water pretty much attached to my hip... also leads to many more trips to the bathroom).
Belly Button in or out? It was almost flat last night. I'm guessing 3 weeks until it is flat all the time and 2 weeks after that to pop out. We'll see if I'm right.
What are you looking forward to? Thomas, the dogs, and I are taking one last trip together as a couple the first week in June, before the baby comes. We are just going to relax in the NC mountains, enjoy the summer, and have fun.
Total weight gain? 15 pounds.
Best moment this week? My parents painted the nursery and Thomas and I assembled the crib and dresser. It's actually looking like a nursery! My nesting urges are being satisfied.
Note to the Jellybean: Can it be? Are you really in the last trimester? I about fell off my chair when I realized it was 3 months until your due date last week! This experience is flying by and we are so excited to meet you. I love feeling/watching you jump around in my stomach. You kick me when I haven't fed you, when I've recently fed you, whenever you hear your daddy's voice, and any other time you feel like it. I can't believe that I'm lucky enough to be your mom come August. There's a little part of me that's nervous/terrified, but I think between you, your dad, and me, we can figure it out and hopefully not scar you for life. Grow strong, baby girl. Love, love, love.

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  1. Love that second picture. That looks a little like a happy puppy face.