28 Weeks

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

 28 weeks! Just kidding. That's not me. That's my photographer.

28 weeks! This really is me.

How far along? 28 weeks. Baby girl is the size of an honeydew. 13.6 to 14.8 inches and up to 2.2 pounds. Her lungs are strong enough that she'd have a good chance at survival! Crazy to think she's come that far, but lets keep praying for a full-term baby. Her wrinkly skin is starting to smooth out as she starts adding larger quantities of baby fat and muscle.
Gender? It's a she-bean!
Movement? It is amazing how active she is. Thomas and I are blown away by her crazy punches and kicks. It's fun for us to play little games with her: last night Thomas was tapping on my stomach, and every time he stopped, she kicked- over and and over she did this! My crazy little Mexican jumping bean keeps me up at night. Like, "Oh, Mama? Did you just lay down? Did you just think it was time for sleep? Think again." She's strong enough where shaking me shakes the bed.
Food cravings? Baby carrots, red meat, chicken snack wrap from McDs, Chipotle- this girl proves that old wives tale wrong repeatedly! I'd much rather have savory meat than sweets. Pizza, too!
Have you started to show? Cute little belly. I'm wearing about half maternity clothes and half the more generous cuts from pre-pregnancy clothing.
Symptoms? Cramping in my feet and legs, back pain, shortness of breath.

Belly Button in or out? Still in and shallow.
Midwife? Definitely wasn't looking forward to my glucose screening this morning- apparently for good reason. I tested positive. Eeek! I'm trying not to freak out because there's a huge range of false positives in testing for gestational diabetes. I have a big panel that will give me a definite answer that I'll hopefully be able to schedule this week. Please say a prayer that I don't have that- for my own sanity, but mostly for the well-being of my little girl. I've worked so hard on my nutrition, but it's not something you can perfectly prepare for. My iron is also looking low, so I've been instructed to kick that into high gear as well. I was glad to talk to my midwife today. We talked some more about my Bipolar Disorder and some postpartum things, breastfeeding, classes... and I'm officially moving my appointments to every two weeks. She says I'm doing an awesome job, so yay! :)
Total weight gain? 16 pounds.
Best moment this week? Thomas had Memorial Day weekend off! A government employee getting a government holiday? Whoever heard of such a thing? Haha, we always laugh (gratefully) because this so rarely happens (perhaps his third non-working holiday in 3.5 years). So we had a cookout with my sister and the neighbors and just hung out. It's been a great, lazy weekend.

Note to the Jellybean: I keep whispering to your dad, "I'm so excited!!" I've never been so in love with someone I've never met. Some days it just feels like I'm bursting at the seams with exuberance. Your dad can seem very stoic (something I always said about my own dad), but every single day he says some variation of "You're just going to find the two of us on the couch. I'll be on my back, she'll be asleep on my chest and the dogs will be curled around my feet." Girl, you've got him. He is over the moon for you. Our whole family is beyond excited that you're coming. Your aunts are beside themselves. Your uncle was so happy to hear our news. All four of your grandparents can't wait to meet you. Our friends are downright thrilled. I've said this from the beginning and I know it to be true: Little One, you are loved.