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Friday, May 24, 2013

What have I been doing? Eating Nilla wafers and trying not to give them to Otto so he doesn't develop some horrible habit of begging but he's so friggin' cute that I want to pet his soft and giant ears and give him Nilla wafers. Don't worry, I gave him some peanut butter in his Kong instead. So here's what I've been up to, and a few pictures of where the nursery is now.

What I have been up to:
1. I made some super cute fabric covered letters for the nursery.
2. I hastily started a business that's proving to be rather popular. After making the aforementioned letters, I posted a picture of them in a local Facebook group- and soon received several orders! I have finished many orders and some pre-made letters. It's called Good Cheer Studios (see post title). 
3. I'm having a little difficulty with the communication-side of the business, but a Facebook page is up and running (Good Cheer Studios) to ease that burden and I made a Gmail account for it. Saying all kinds of prayers, and crossing my fingers, legs, and toes. If you want to go "like" my Facebook page... that'd be nice of you. Very nice.
4. Thomas and I talked it over and I'm going to open an Etsy shop (hopefully of the same name) at the end of June so I can market to a wider audience, cover shipping, and a few other things. I'm really nervous, but it's exciting to do something that I love.
5. With a baby registry at Target, Amazon, and Babies R Us- I'm officially calling that item checked off my to-do-before-the-Jellybean-gets-here list.
6. I have signed up for a breastfeeding class, a newborn class, an infant CPR class, and a hospital tour. By I, I mean "Thomas and I." Boy am I going to love watching him sit though that breastfeeding class with me. I'm going to love it all, but I think that one will be particularly delightful.

Here's the nursery! It's actually starting to look like a little girl could live here! Well, you know, when we get a mattress and stuff. This is pretty accurate as far as wall color goes- Still Tidewater by Olympic in their No-VOC eggshell finish. It's so pretty!!

I put together most of this mammoth dresser by myself- so proud! The drawers also have a fun little surprise I worked on, but I'll have to show you that later, as I forgot to take a picture of it.

It's funny how gender neutral this nursery is looking! One of my best friends, Sarah, suggested mint as a color when I first found out I was pregnant and blue is Thomas's favorite color. Yellow turned into the accent color after I found the lamp (pictured next to the chair) on clearance at Target. Of course there is more coming! I took these pictures a few days ago and there are already more things going on. There will be a few pops of pink, some bookshelves, hanging shelves, a mirror, wall art, and lots of fun little things are to come.

*Speaking of things to come, this is the first of 3 non-weekly update blog posts. Stay with me! I promise my life isn't all pregnancy (just 96%)- those weekly updates are just so darn easy to do.

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