Video footage of my family from 1937

Monday, June 24, 2013

We take for granted how easy it is to get video footage of ourselves these days. Most people have phones with cameras and don't think twice about recording a little moment. It was a little less common to have a video camera nearby in 1937.

My grandfather was born in Lockhart- a tiny mill town in South Carolina in 1926. His father was the accountant for the mill. In 1937 a videographer came to Lockhart to take some footage and my grandfather and great-grandfather were caught on film! To see my 11 year-old grandfather and my great-grandfather (whom I never met) - it was amazing, even just for a few seconds.

Rats. It won't let me embed the video, so I'll have to link directly to YouTube. That's right- my grandfather is on YouTube!

My grandfather: Click here, go to minute 01:40. He's in overalls holding a bicycle (the middle boy).

My great-grandfather: Click here, go to minute 06:16. He's the shorter gentleman- and yes, my grandfather has that exact same smile!

31 Weeks

Saturday, June 22, 2013

 No picture of me, but aren't my puppies cute?

How far along? 31 weeks! I'm sorry I don't have a picture for you this week. It's been busy and stressful around here. Maybe for 32 weeks I'll have a picture and get this out on time. We can only hope. Baby girl is 15.2 to 16.7 inches and up to 3.8 pounds. All five of her senses are fully developed. Her irises react to light and that ever important nerve and brain development keeps moving along.
Movement? It's usually frequent, but she's been slacking off today. So this afternoon I woke her up and demanded that she start moving around before I started to really freak out. I fell asleep counting her movements, but she gave me 5 in 15 minutes (to give you an idea, they like 10 in 2 hours), so I worried less. Then her father talked to her... let's just say she's already daddy's girl.
Food cravings? I'm always leaning toward shrimp. As more fruits are coming into season, I can't grab peaches, cantaloupe, strawberries, and grapes fast enough. I also asked for a Chipotle burrito with watermelon salsa. I don't know if that's a thing, but it should be.
Have you started to show? Yes. I'm wearing almost exclusively maternity clothes. I can fit into some of my pre-pregnancy things, but with the heat rising, loose fitting is nice. And my most favorite gap maternity yoga pants. These are great- super low in front, so no waistband cutting into me.
Symptoms? Absentmindedness, anxiety, ridiculously uncomfortable almost always!
Belly Button in or out? 1/3 of the way out. How is it 1/3? Well it apparently doesn't all pop out overnight. The top is out, the rest is still in (a little). Why? Who knows.
Total weight gain? Many numbers, as I say to Thomas. 21 pounds.
Looking forward to? The nursery is so close to being done! It is looking great and definitely makes me more at ease to be checking something off the to-do list. We still have a crazy amount of things to buy before she gets here, but I tell myself every day (or every hour) that we still have a little bit of time left and she doesn't need everything at once. Up next (and possibly getting started tonight): packing the hospital bag!
Note to the Jellybean: I love you, my sweet girl. Just a few more weeks! We are so excited to meet you- to see what you look like, to hold you, even to hear that first cry. For now, as I always say, stay in there and grow healthy and strong.

Father's Day

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, firstly, to my dad. He gave me his brown eyes, love of travel, and height. I admire and respect him more than he will ever know or than I will find words to tell him. He is probably the most honest, ethical, hard working man I have ever known and he will always be my hero. I am honored to know him and be his daughter. I know that the Jellybean will think just as highly of him. I know he can't wait to meet her, because he cried when I told him I was pregnant.

Happy Father's Day to Thomas- the love of my life and the father-to-be of this little foot-chewer. I've heard that men don't really think of themselves as becoming fathers until the baby is born, but the amount of belly-kissing and talking to the stomach that goes on in this house proves that wrong. Dear, this little girl is beyond lucky to have you as a dad. I know you're not really sure what to do with girls, but the amount of love you already have in your heart is a darn good start.

Happy Father's Day to my grandfathers and uncles and everyone else who is a father, is going to be a father, or who has acted like a father to a child in need of one- you are all amazing.

30 Weeks

Saturday, June 15, 2013

 30 weeks! Dad wanted to get the magnolia in the picture.

How far along? 30 weeks!! I'm in the final fourth of my pregnancy and I couldn't be more excited that it's drawing to a close- I am excited to meet her. Baby girl is the size of an cucumber (a large cucumber). 15.2 to 16.7 inches and about 3 pounds. Her brain is getting wrinklier as it continues to make brain tissue and she's strong enough to grasp a finger.
Gender? It's a she-bean!
Movement? It's frequent, but still very nocturnal. She moves when people talk to her, constantly shifts and changes positions, puts her feet behind my ribs (only on my right side though!), and is very active whenever I lay on my right side. I can see her move from the outside, and it's very easy to feel where she is by pressing on my stomach- even though I have no idea what part of her I'm actually feeling. That will be something I miss for sure.
Food cravings? Hamburgers, of course! I really just can't seem to get enough meat in my diet.
Have you started to show? Oh yes. I'm still small, but people can tell. Overall, I feel pretty awesome. I still have ankles, little to no swelling, and I only feel like a blimp about 30% of the time. 

The aunts-to-be: Hannah and Madison

Symptoms? My uterus is almost up to my chest, which means my lungs are struggling to expand when I yawn, sneeze, or just try to breathe at all. I'm having difficulty sleeping and even trouble feeling comfortable at all - sitting, standing, laying down, nothing feels right. I'm trying to give myself as much rest as possible, a pass on not getting every little thing done, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so that helps tremendously.
Belly Button in or out? Almost flat!
Midwife? My glucose screening came back clear! Whooo! I'm incredibly relieved. We discussed labor and delivery more. The number of contractions per hour I should look out for, when to call them, and what I need to be aware of when going into labor. We talked about the reasons I would need a C-section (hypothetically; she said her goal and the goal of all the obstetricians in the office is to have me deliver vaginally, but we covered the medically necessary scenarios) and my stance on epidurals (would like to deliver without one, but I'm also in the never say never boat- I've never been through labor and I reserve the right to change my mind if I'm in an intense amount of pain!). I told her my goal is for my baby girl to come out healthy and for me to do the same. Beyond that, I am going to be flexible. I think it really helps that I trust my midwife without a doubt and I trust myself.

 If he gets picked up as an officer, I'm going to miss that funny hat.

Total weight gain? 20 pounds.
This week? This has been a tough week. I've been very anxious about getting closer to my due date and worried that we're just not ready (more so with things that she'll need, less so emotionally). In many ways I feel like I'm reverting back to how I was when I first got pregnant, except I'm not worrying about pregnancy, I'm worried about delivery and [yikes!] parenting. I'm reading lots and giving Thomas too many exasperated "I know!"s whenever he tells me that it'll all work out (he really is so sweet). I'm trying to remind myself that she won't need a lot right away (car seat, pack n play - she'll be co-sleeping with us in our room, diapers). Overall, I just need to stop stressing myself out. Hahaha, yeah right.
Looking forward to? A trip to Maryland in a few weeks to see one of my best friends (haven't seen her since my wedding) and some baby showers in 2 weeks.
Note to the Jellybean: I love you, my sweet, silly, kicking girl. But if you could please stop putting your feet behind my right ribs, I would seriously appreciate it. You're doing it right now, and I have yet to find a way to get you to shift positions once your mind is made up. I may not know your hair or eye color, but it's pretty definite that your father and I have passed on our stubborn genes.

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Mountain pictures

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cute husband eating in Black Mountain.

My engineer took an art class! Apparently an instructor told him he looked out of place. 
When Thomas asked why, he was told he looked quite a bit more muscular than the average
clientele. Don't put Thomas in a box! I think he did really well for his first attempt 
at hand drawing. Hands are hard to draw!
And isn't he just the cutest thing ever?

Outtakes from the weekly photo shoot.

Thomas in the creek.

"Stand like you were named a Captain in the Navy!"

"Pose like a statue!" (pause) "Are you Rodin's 'The Thinker'?!"
That's right. We did watch Night at the Museum II.

Why yes, we did ask a passerby to take a picture of us. We're really bad at remembering 
things like that. Remember our one picture together on our honeymoon?
Also, Thomas can't smile if I'm not the one behind the camera.

29 Weeks

Thursday, June 6, 2013

 29 Weeks and enjoying some time off in the mountains!

How far along? 29 weeks. Baby girl is the size of an acorn squash... but the odds of me cooking an acorn squash on my vacation was slim to none, so no produce this week. 15 inches and over 2.5 pounds. She's putting on weight quickly, hiccuping lots, and moving frequently.
Gender? It's a she-bean!
Movement? All the time! I can really feel how strong she's getting. However, I am not enjoying her new-found ability to put her feet behind my ribs and push.
Food cravings? Meat. I eat a lot of protein and iron-rich foods.
Have you started to show? Holy cow, do I look pregnant in these pictures!
Symptoms? Cramping in my feet and legs, back pain, itchy skin, shortness of breath, going to the bathroom all of the time. Seriously. A lot.
Belly Button in or out? Still in.
Total weight gain? Not sure, I don't have a scale on vacation. Probably 16 or 17 pounds.
Best moment this week? We've been in the mountains! Our "babymoon" as people call it, is a week long trip to Western North Carolina. We've been hanging out, doing next to nothing, and generally enjoying life. It's the first time Thomas has had time off since our honeymoon, so we are really happy and relaxed. Just enjoying some time as a couple before our little girl gets here!