Father's Day

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, firstly, to my dad. He gave me his brown eyes, love of travel, and height. I admire and respect him more than he will ever know or than I will find words to tell him. He is probably the most honest, ethical, hard working man I have ever known and he will always be my hero. I am honored to know him and be his daughter. I know that the Jellybean will think just as highly of him. I know he can't wait to meet her, because he cried when I told him I was pregnant.

Happy Father's Day to Thomas- the love of my life and the father-to-be of this little foot-chewer. I've heard that men don't really think of themselves as becoming fathers until the baby is born, but the amount of belly-kissing and talking to the stomach that goes on in this house proves that wrong. Dear, this little girl is beyond lucky to have you as a dad. I know you're not really sure what to do with girls, but the amount of love you already have in your heart is a darn good start.

Happy Father's Day to my grandfathers and uncles and everyone else who is a father, is going to be a father, or who has acted like a father to a child in need of one- you are all amazing.

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