36 Weeks

Thursday, July 25, 2013

 At 36 weeks in July, this is totally how I feel.
(This is Moby. Street name: Mobilicious. Seriously.)

How far along? 36 weeks! I'm finally in my 9th month- whoa. She's possibly 18 inches long and 6 pounds! Go girl, grow! She's close to being able to breathe on her own. Her skin is tightening as she's gaining fat and weight each week. Her liver, kidneys, circulation and immune systems are all ready for the big day. Not much time left because I'll be full-term in a few days!
Gender? It's a she-bean!
Movement? All the time. She's moving and stretching and at night, she likes to burrow on one side of me- usually my right. So when I wake up and rotate to stretch on my back for a minute, I have a little baby outline on one side of me! It's very cute, but I look a little funny until she wakes up a few minutes later and re-adjusts herself. She's actually moving right now, and if I'm perfectly still, it's very easy to see her. It looks like my stomach has a mind of it's own... I guess it does! She always wakes up when she hears her dad's voice, when I sing, and when there's music at church.
Food cravings? Muffins, milk, spicy food, pasta... lots of carbs. And popcorn.

Not so flattering of me, as my sister has strange photography techniques, but my
super-cute husband... makes my heart flutter. 

Have you started to show? I'm 9 months pregnant, what do you think?
Symptoms? Oh sweet goodness. The pain. Almost 2 weeks ago, my pelvic joints started loosening (in preparation for getting this bean out of me). The first day it just lasted for a few hours. The second day, it was there when I woke up... and it hasn't left since. It gets worse every few days. This happened in conjunction with my baby girl dropping- she is now head down and sitting very, very low... exerting a lot of pressure on my already sore hips. Looking on the bright side, my lungs have a wee bit more room now. This is pregnancy!
Belly Button in or out? Mostly out. Thomas finds it amusing.
Midwife? I've been seeing her every week since week 34 so we've had lots of time to discuss labor and delivery and other questions. It also reassures my anxious brain that everything is okay with my little one. I saw her yesterday- I'm 90% effaced (!!!!!!!) but not dilating yet (hooray for that- I can wait another week). She said she'd be really surprised if I made it to my due date. I could use another week around the house for cooking and cleaning, and we still have a few last minute things to get, but if she wants to come a little early, I won't be complaining. We'll see where I am next Wednesday.
Total weight gain? 25 pounds- no change.

 Love him. So much. Happy belated birthday, Thomas!

This week? Thomas has been on night shift so we're all just hanging on by a thread! It's also late July in Charleston which means heat, humidity, and more oppressive heat. I only go outside if I have to. The sun has made me queasy on more than one occasion and I see no reason to try and make myself feel ill. I may be the palest person in these parts, but it means I am a cool and happy one! Thankfully it's been a quiet week, so I'm taking lots of naps and relaxing as much as I can.
Looking forward to? My church is throwing me a baby shower on Sunday, and then it becomes crunch time (like it wasn't already)! We are figuring out what we need to get to survive those first few weeks, and making it happen! My hospital bag is packed and in the back of my car. We just need to install the car seat and grab a few things the day of. Most looking forward to? Her arrival!
Note to the Jellybean: Hey baby girl! You are getting HUGE. From too small to feel, to first only being able to feel you flip over entirely, to feeling all of you- as you can now take up my whole stomach, I am amazed at watching (and feeling) you grow. Yet I know when I see you in a few weeks, I will be utterly amazed at how tiny you are. Your dad and I are smitten- I wish I could show you the look of wonder and love in his eyes when his hands are on my belly and you're up to your crazy, gymnastic antics. A lot is up in the air with his job right now, but every possible scenario has you at the front of each decision we could make. We are happy to turn our lives around for you. Your grandparents and great-grandparents are all thrilled- visits are being arranged and you have lots of gifts. I have no idea how you're going to handle so much love surrounding you. Because you are loved, little one. You are so loved.
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