39 Weeks- Waiting for the Inevitable

Thursday, August 15, 2013

39 Weeks. Everyone likes to remind me that I look like I'm 6 months. I know.

So, funny story about this picture... this was taken last night, as we thought we were going to Mt. Pleasant to eventually go to the hospital... Yeah. That didn't happen. Long story short, my contractions were 5-7 minutes apart, and when I got to my parents' place (across the street from the hospital), they slowed to every 10 minutes. When I got to the midwife's office at 8:30, my uterus got camera shy and they all but stopped. So I'm back at home a few towns over, with a baby still in my belly. But the little girl is still healthy and moving like crazy, and we are ready and waiting for the real thing, whenever it decides to happen. (The post below was written a few days ago.)

How far along? 39 weeks- just sitting around, twiddling my thumbs. She's, you know, like the size of a newborn- possibly 19 to 21 inches long and 6 to 9 pounds (or more than 10, if she's like my sisters)! She's constantly flexing her limbs (which are almost always protruding from my side) and her brain is developing more and more every day.
Gender? Can't believe that I'll have a little girl in my arms any day now!
Movement? All the time! I have to be super careful about counting movements now, to make sure she's still moving and flexing and wiggling as much as she always has. If anything changes there, it could be troublesome. Thankfully, she's doing great and we surpass the required amount of movements before the time is up every time.
Food cravings? Barbeque, unfrosted strawberry Pop-Tarts, bananas, baby carrots, fajitas (made them tonight with steak instead of chicken and they were fantastic), milk, ice cream. I still haven't tried the Chinese food craving I mentioned last week.
Have you started to show? This is a ridiculous question. Why do I keep it here, week after week?
Symptoms? Giant stomach and lots of false labor (which is nothing but disappointing). I get Braxton Hicks every day, all throughout the day, but especially at night. And when they never amount to anything after a few hours or when I wake up in the morning, it's a little disappointing. On the plus side, after all of that discomfort, it's a blessing to have a good night's sleep- or as good as it gets at this point in the pregnancy!
Belly Button in or out? Out. It looks like those old Jello molds you see at thrift shops and yard sales. It's not cute at all. Just weird looking.
Midwife? I saw her Monday. Remarkably, her head is even further down. Not at all sure how that's possible and still have her inside of me, but hopefully that means labor will progress well! I'm 2.5 centimeters dilated, so no major change there (update: as of this morning, I am 3 cm). I really do just sit around and wait for contractions to start. We talked some about inducing me. I really do not want to have a C-Section, but right after that, I really don't want to be induced, because I've heard that a lot of inductions end up as C-sections. So as anxious as I am to get her out of me, I'm not exactly begging for them to do it. I talked it over with Gene and had her explain why they would want to induce me. Basically, in her opinion, not much comes after the 40th/41st week, and there's an increased risk of the placenta no longer preforming as it should- not giving my little girl the nutrients she needs and putting us at an increased risk for a C-section based on the fact that because of that, she might not tolerate labor so well. She did recognize that it's a 2 way street- if the patient isn't closer to labor (not effaced, not dilated, etc), then trying to induce it entirely can be futile- landing them right back in the operating room. But she feels with my almost full effacement, placement of baby girl, and already dilating that if I did make it to that point, the odds are great that we'd make it though the vaginal birth I want. All fair points. (She's very honest with me and I really appreciate that.) So I have a regular midwife appointment on the books for next Monday, and if I still haven't given birth then I will probably be induced that Thursday (so about a week and a half from now). It's a hypothetical, because Gene is still thinking she won't be wanting to stay in me that much longer! But there you go. One super long explanation. :)
Total weight gain? 27 pounds, no change.
This week? More eating, more waiting. The only appointments that show up on my calendar are for the midwife every week. The only other things are the onslaught of birthdays that happen in my family in August. So far we've missed having her on Hannah's, Moby's, and Namie's birthdays, but Madison and Dad are still contenders. Mostly we've been filling our time with dog park visits, a 4-day weekend for Thomas, and finishing up small things- rearranging our room to fit a Pack n Play, messing with the white noise machine we got, charging the baby monitor, giving away all of the boxes that all of this baby stuff came in... That's a perk of living on a military base. If you're looking to give away boxes, there's always someone moving who will take them off your hands.
Looking forward to? Real labor!
Note to the Jellybean: Coming in a few days...
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