A room of her own

Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's finally done! Well, as done as it's going to get for a while. It's fantastic, though- my favorite room in the house for sure. I spend a lot of time in the glider, just enjoying the soft (impossibly hard to photograph) blue and how relaxing the room is. I'm going to do my best to link to where I got everything- or where you can find something similar. There's no theme here, just fun things that Thomas and I liked. We wanted things to grow with her or easily move on to another kid one day, and it turned out to be just what we envisioned. And except for the paint color, we can move it all when the Navy moves us again. We waited to start the nursery when we found out the gender, but it turned out so gender neutral! Just remove the tiny bits of pink, and you'd have a great boys room too. Go figure.

 Crib - Glider, Craigslist (she had never taken it out of the box!), can buy here 
Lamp, Target clearance, similar style here - Owl, Pier 1 - Pillow, gift from my mom

Window seat, hand me down from Aunt Madison's room, originally from Pottery Barn
Ottoman, Target -Pillow, gift - Thermal curtains, Lowe's (fairly certain these are it!)

Nightstand from Madison's room, update: from Lowe's. Actually a plant stand! -
 "M is for" printable found here

Wall cubes, hand me down, similar here - Owl nightlight, Target -  Ceramic Rabbit, Pier One
Elephant, gift - Mom's One Line a Day Journal, gift - "M" handmade here

Bird mobile, handmade

Bird Paint-by-Numbers, Target (no longer sold)

Washi tape garland, handmade - Dog tail hooks, Ikea - Mirror, Ikea

"Sometimes the smallest things..." free printable - Cards, gift (Crane for J. Crew, I think) - 
Alphabet printable - Bird postcard from Scotland - "I love everything..." free printable
"On the day you were born..." free printable - Bird print, World Market - 
frames from Target, Ikea, Michaels, and Marshalls

Dresser, Ikea - Wipe Dispenser, OXO - Diaper Organizer, Munchkin
There will also be a changing pad on the dresser- we just haven't attached it yet. 

I challenged myself to come up with as many free decor ideas as possible. The whole
gallery wall was $30 in frames and the World Market bird print was $3 on clearance.
Everything else was a gift, previously owned, or printed for free (and some colored by me)!

Why yes, I did scrub all of the pictures that have the "M is for..." artwork
in them so you can't see what we picked yet! That's as much of a hint as you get.
The paint color in the reflection of this mirror is about as true to life as I can get.
It's "Still Tidewater" by Olympic for Lowe's.

I was a previous owner of this tiny sweater.

Elephant bin, Marshalls - Crib Sheet, Target

As for the future of this room (in this house or another), we want to add shelves for books, lots of comfy pillows and cushions on the window seat, and very soon, a little girl!
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  1. Night Stand is from Pottery Barn? I love her room!!!!

    1. Thanks! I'll update it. I couldn't find a stamp or mark anywhere.

    2. Mom informed me it was an unfinished fern stand from Lowes that she and dad painted!

  2. Oh my word, Lauren! This is the sweetest little room ever! I LOVE the wall color you chose and WISH so badly I had been smart enough to choose a color like that instead of the yucky pea green on Zeek's walls, haha. :) Just waiting for the lil' miss occupant now. :) Praying you're feeling rested, relaxed, prepared and ready for her to come! You were made to birth babies and CAN DO IT! Just listen to your body. :)

    1. Thank you! It's a great color- I think we'll be painting it in every house we have to move to. :) Just enough color to be fun, but soothing at the same time. Can't wait for her to get here and enjoy it! I'm feeling very good, a little anxious- but mostly just in the excited way. Thanks for the vote of confidence!