What I hope for my daughter

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sweet baby girl-

For the last nine months, I've literally been able to shield you with my body. Nestled in your little cocoon, I have been able to control almost everything that goes in me, and I have done everything in my power to make sure you are safe, nourished, and loved while you grow into a little baby. I thank God every day for you. I have much to learn, but you have taught me so much already. I saw you today, on a surprise ultrasound... oh little girl, you took my breath away. From the 7 week ultrasound where you got your nickname "Jellybean" to the little fetus we saw at 20 weeks to the tight, cramped quarters you were in today at 39 weeks, I can barely believe it. You've changed and grown so much each time! I'm totally going to be a sappy mother who cries as you get older, so you better get used to that. I can't believe how much I have changed as well.

While I worry about my parenting skills (zero) and what I will be able to share with you (hopefully very good things), this is what I hope you will learn from me as you grow.

May you learn quickly that experiences are far more valuable than things.

May you know that family (those given to you biologically and those gifted in other ways) is truly important. They will teach you your most important lessons, catch you in your perceived failures, and lift you up with your greatest successes.

May you know when to hold your tongue, when to speak softly, and the time to raise your voice.

May you know that it's okay to rumble with God. To be angry with Him, to furrow your brow, to argue - these are all acceptable. But always remember that you are loved by Him. Know that to trust Him, lean on Him, and love Him back are generally the most fruitful.

May you see that others need to rumble with God for a while too.

May you realize that strength and compassion are lost without each other.

May you see a world of opportunities before you, and have the courage to take them.

May you learn how to laugh until your belly aches and may you never forget once you've learned. I hope you also learn to laugh even while you're crying- it's a good skill to have.

May you learn how to forgive and how to extend grace.

May you always, always, always show love to those you meet.

May you never think you are better than another human being.

May you know every day the love that surrounds you in this world and the love that brought you into this world.

I can't wait to meet you, my darling girl.

love, love, most infinite love,

The woman God somehow deemed worthy to be your mother

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