One Month

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I took 2 dozen photos, but don't worry. You're spared. You may not find my kid quite 
as cute as I do. I don't know why you wouldn't, but whatever...

Things to know about Margaret at one month:

- Overall, she is one really sweet, content, happy baby. It makes for two very happy parents.
- She has so much hair. It's the first thing people notice about her. It looks like it only sticks straight up on the top of her head, but after giving her many a bath or shower, I can assure you, it sticks straight up everywhere. The flat comes on the back and sides after she naps.
- She's a chatterbox. Coos, grunts, squeals, and squawks, she'll babble sleeping or waking.
- She's working on head control. It's not so fun when she decides to do that while attached to me, but her new head-banging excitement about getting to eat is pretty funny.
- She loves: eating, cuddling into the crook of Thomas' arm, sitting up (with assistance), burping, being held and talked to, her pacifier, jangling keys.
- Margaret has no patience for: diaper changes in the middle of a feed (I do this if she's too sleepy), her nasal aspirator, or having to wait even a second to eat.

Her facial expressions alone make it all worth it!

Things to know about parenting/keeping a kid alive this month:

- Parental wisdom? Yeah, it's not innate once you bring the kid home. You learn by messing up and fixing it or doing something over and over on repeat.
- You do what works for you and yours. Take all of the advice you've heard and read, ignore the crazy, and mash up the various other things until your baby has stopped crying/no longer has diaper rash/is sleeping (or you're sleeping). Be safe, love them, the rest is gravy.
- It really is the most crazy wonderful love. I look at the Jellybean and my heart is full. Sappy as it may be, it's also true. I'm also convinced that I'm more in love with my husband than ever.
- For us, Huggies are awful, Target diaper rash ointment is awesome, Aiden + Anais swaddles are great, and the Target brand is always worth trying.
- Do yourself a favor- the moment you find out that you're pregnant, sign up for Amazon Mom with Prime. Amazon Mom is free and Prime is worth every penny. I may be overly dramatic, but Subscribe and Save has changed my life. I love it!
- It's hard. It's really hard. I'm home with Margaret and the dogs all day and Thomas works crazy shifts. The most important thing has been to cut the other person (and ourselves) some slack. For now, the little things don't even make it on the to-do list. We clean and do laundry and the important household things, but the rest of the time we play with Margaret or take a nap. It's cut back on our stress and we're all better off. :)
- It's also awesome. The best thing ever.

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Picture time and a quick hello

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We've made it though the first month! Everyone still has all of their limbs, so I'm gonna count this one as a win. I have tons of post ideas floating around... I'm just waiting for a long enough nap (where there aren't also a dozen things to get done) to put my fingers to the keyboard. Rest assured, the blog shall continue- it's just a little harder to do one-handed. Until I get some big, fabulous posts up, here's your dose of cuteness for the day. And yes, I agree that she has the most awesome hair ever (though it's getting crazy long).

cool enough to rock stripes and dots

she actually doesn't hate tummy time! thank goodness.

Luna likes to check up on her when we visit my parents

oh me oh my, such a cute face!

after church this past Sunday

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Five Favorites

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I saw this on another blog- simple premise- 5 favorite things at the moment. There was some sort of link-up option, but I'm just stealing the idea so that y'all have something to read, cool? Cool.

1. Spotify on my computer. 'Tis the best thing ever when your spare pennies go toward diapers and not iTunes or CDs. You can make a playlist of whatever you want. Here's what I'm cranking right now (and you should go check them out)-
"San Francisco" - The Mowgli's
"Hey Hey Hey" - Michael Franti and Spearhead
"Next to Me" - Emeli Sande
If Margaret could make a playlist, she'd include things like The Ramones and Beastie Boys. Seriously, that's what the kid falls asleep to in the car.

2. Thomas being off for 4 days. 'Nuff said.

3. The very sweet elderly gentleman who asked me if I had a baby in my backpack... I went to the grocery store for the first time with Margaret today and I put her in the Boba so I could have my hands free. Since she's still quite small, only her massive crop of hair stuck out, and that man's comment about my "backpack" (which I was wearing on my front) just made my day. The Boba also wins because the Jellybean loves being carried. She slept almost the entire time. The rest of the time, she just looked around and up at me.

4. Margaret's hair. It's just so cool. There's so much of it, it sticks straight up almost everywhere, and it's super soft. It makes me want to pull off a spiky pixie cut, but I fear I can't look as cool as my three week-old. She can also pull of stripes and polka dots at the same time.

5. Margaret herself. Ha. I cheated- easiest favorite in the world:

*Not sponsored by Spotify, Boba Carriers, or anyone else. Just legit love these things.

In the trenches

Monday, September 2, 2013

I have diaper cream permanently stuck under the nail of my right index finger. My daughter has sneezed (a big, gross sneeze) into my open mouth. I haven't slept for longer than a stretch of 4.5 hours since August 19. She has also pooped directly into my hand and is going through a retaliatory phase of pooping or peeing (or doing both) as soon as there's a clean diaper in the diaper changing sequence. My hormones are insane- wickedly hot one moment, the next, I'm bundling up like it's not 90 degrees outside. And even though it's been almost two weeks, I still have moments where I am in a great deal of pain... down there.

But it's worth it. It's oh so very worth it.

Because my little girl is sleeping right now. Swaddled into a little burrito, she has managed to bust both of her tiny feet out of the little ventilation slit. She babbles and coos. When she has some quality dad time and I come upstairs to find her snuggled into the crook of his arm, it melts my heart. She will look at me and give me a huge toothless grin, and I don't care if gas really is the culprit there.

Big milestones (of sorts) around here:
-Thomas/Dad has been back at work for two days now. I'm still getting the hang of having a baby and 2 dogs and the house again, but we'll get there.
-Jellybean got her first bottle last night, courtesy of Thomas. She was a little confused at first, but in her world, milk is a great motivator, so once she figured that my milk was in there, it was all good.
-We actually made it to church yesterday. On Thomas's first day back at work! I don't know if delusional or ambitious is the right word, but somehow the two of us got out of the house fully dressed and made it to church. She was perfect, everyone was smitten, and glory be, all went well.

And photos of cuteness (because grunting has commenced from the baby monitor. Thankfully, she wakes up super slow -just like her father- so I have a few minutes before I have to feed her):

He's totally smitten, if you can't tell.

This cuteness happened after she went through 4 diapers in one diaper change. Satisfied face, no?

We call this her "fight the power" stance.

How 'bout them Tigers?!

So much cuteness in one child!

We all make this yawning face a lot.

Okay, so I just wanted to let you know that I'm here, I'm alive, and so far, I haven't cried in the shower. That last one is a lie. I have. At least 3 times. But it's hormones and happiness and I'm good. Promise. Okay, well Otto is whimpering so I have to take him outside. Why I signed up to be in charge of so many creatures' bodily functions, I don't know. Over and out, L