Five Favorites

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I saw this on another blog- simple premise- 5 favorite things at the moment. There was some sort of link-up option, but I'm just stealing the idea so that y'all have something to read, cool? Cool.

1. Spotify on my computer. 'Tis the best thing ever when your spare pennies go toward diapers and not iTunes or CDs. You can make a playlist of whatever you want. Here's what I'm cranking right now (and you should go check them out)-
"San Francisco" - The Mowgli's
"Hey Hey Hey" - Michael Franti and Spearhead
"Next to Me" - Emeli Sande
If Margaret could make a playlist, she'd include things like The Ramones and Beastie Boys. Seriously, that's what the kid falls asleep to in the car.

2. Thomas being off for 4 days. 'Nuff said.

3. The very sweet elderly gentleman who asked me if I had a baby in my backpack... I went to the grocery store for the first time with Margaret today and I put her in the Boba so I could have my hands free. Since she's still quite small, only her massive crop of hair stuck out, and that man's comment about my "backpack" (which I was wearing on my front) just made my day. The Boba also wins because the Jellybean loves being carried. She slept almost the entire time. The rest of the time, she just looked around and up at me.

4. Margaret's hair. It's just so cool. There's so much of it, it sticks straight up almost everywhere, and it's super soft. It makes me want to pull off a spiky pixie cut, but I fear I can't look as cool as my three week-old. She can also pull of stripes and polka dots at the same time.

5. Margaret herself. Ha. I cheated- easiest favorite in the world:

*Not sponsored by Spotify, Boba Carriers, or anyone else. Just legit love these things.


  1. cute!! Love the Boba pics! (Always loved that little crop of hair sticking out while wearing my boys. :))

    1. Thanks! Little hands and big shocks of hair are all that you can see of little Margaret. :)