Picture time and a quick hello

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We've made it though the first month! Everyone still has all of their limbs, so I'm gonna count this one as a win. I have tons of post ideas floating around... I'm just waiting for a long enough nap (where there aren't also a dozen things to get done) to put my fingers to the keyboard. Rest assured, the blog shall continue- it's just a little harder to do one-handed. Until I get some big, fabulous posts up, here's your dose of cuteness for the day. And yes, I agree that she has the most awesome hair ever (though it's getting crazy long).

cool enough to rock stripes and dots

she actually doesn't hate tummy time! thank goodness.

Luna likes to check up on her when we visit my parents

oh me oh my, such a cute face!

after church this past Sunday

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