What do you DO all day?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The eternal question. So let us see if I can tempt any of you into motherhood.
Ha ha ha. He he.
Probably not.

4:44 am - I awake to loud little grunts. I turn on the owl night light to discover a Margaret wide awake, but not fussy. I deem her not hungry, stick the pacifier in, and wish that we all go back to sleep for just a wee bit longer.

5:58- Squawks and cries. Now she's hungry! Check the timer- 7h 10 min of sleep. Not bad, Jellybean. As I unwrap her, a pungent smell wafts up. Dee-lightful. We wake Dad up with a fussy, hungry diaper change. His alarm already went off and he was ignoring it, no need to feel sorry for him.

6:16- Halfway done with eating. I burp her and then scurry to the restroom quickly, leaving a surprisingly content Margaret to babble in her pack n play. I return and pick up a smiley girl, so we go say good morning to Dad as he gets ready for work.

6:25- Pick her up to continue feeding and... projectile spit-up, all over her face, onesie, and my yoga pants. Wipe everyone up, strip everyone down, hunt for new clothes. Laundry is probably on the list for the day, much to my dismay.

6:50- Round 2 of feeding is finished and we have completed yet another diaper change. Little bit is awake for sure, so we hang out on the bed. I prop her up in my nursing pillow so she can see the world. Mostly she spends time staring at the pictures above our bed. We chat a bit- me in English, her in babbles, coos, and squawks. Throw in a little tummy time for good measure.

7:20- Heavy eyelids. Tight swaddle and a few minutes later it's morning nap time. I spend some two-handed time making sure the diaper bag is good to go for later, gather up laundry, check email, write for a bit, and grab some breakfast.

8:10- My own eyelids are heavy after a rough night's sleep (Margaret may be sleeping through the night, but my body can't seem to believe that's true, so I've been waking up at 4 every morning and tossing and turning-fun), so I think I'll take the rest of Margaret's nap as my own.

11:00- The alarm that dictates that it's time to start the 1.5 hour process that is leaving the house with a tiny baby goes off. After staring at Margaret for 3 minutes to see if she showed any signs of waking from said alarm, I came to my senses and hopped in the shower.

11:25- Hear tiny grunts and begin feeding numero dos. Am starting to realize that her morning nap is so long, perhaps it's just a continuation of her night time sleeping. Might need to adjust bed time.

11:55- 35 minutes before we have to get out of the door. Diaper change, we both get dressed, feed Moby (who is looking shockingly thin yet again), take the dogs out for a quick walk, realize Margaret has a dirty diaper again, change it, and get in the Outback (aka the Margaret Mobile).

 Pulling out of the driveway at 12:29- one minute early!

12:29- Do small victory dance for leaving on time and try to continue the rest of the drive to the doctor like a normal person. Succeed only slightly, because I spend much time dancing in the car to this song ---> "Counting Stars" by OneRepublic.

2:12- Get home. Plop Margaret in the hammock-like contraption we have for keeping her contained downstairs. She watches me (oh the thrill!) and then dozes off as I clean the kitchen and cook myself some lunch.

2:35- Lunch is ready and the Jellybean is sleeping, so I try to catch up on Bones as I eat my lunch. Margaret is getting fussy a little after 3:00, so it's time to feed again.

The first non-sandwich lunch I've had in weeks (at home).

3:40- Done feeding, fielding a phone call from my mom, and folding a few things. Look over in Margaret's crib where I set her down to have two hands and realize she has spit up all over the back of her clean onesie. Outfit change and a diaper change too. If you're keeping count that's 5 diapers, 3 feedings, 3 outfits.

 Clean clothes!

3:49- Dad's home! We spend a solid 15 minutes making Margaret smile and give us huge grins and making ourselves feel all gooey with love. Best 15 minutes of my day. The next hour is spent with Thomas for a bit, changing another diaper, trying to make Margaret smile again, contemplating giving her a bath, copping out by just wiping her down, and playing with my awake baby.

4:59- Thomas and Moby go for a run, and Otto sits on the couch with me as I watch the last 30 minutes of Bones while Margaret sleeps (and I type this). Thomas returns from his run and we both go upstairs to get cleaned up and changed before heading to see family tonight. We put the dogs in their crates and I leave Margaret asleep in her rocker.

 Baby hammock/rocker-type thing (picture from before the spit up incident).

6:00- I hear Margaret shrieking downstairs, so down I fly to find a red-faced little girl. Another meal starts shortly after. Of course she's so upset she can barely eat, and it takes a good 20 minutes before it's smooth sailing. Lots of squawking and crying and pulling her mean mug on me to let me know that she is displeased with my parenting skills.

6:30-9:15- To Mt. Pleasant for dinner with my family, grandparents, aunt and uncle who are in town for the evening. Margaret sleeps through much of the passing around between family members. We run in to grab some dog food at PetSmart before heading home since we still aren't sure of the situation at the commissary on base (where we usually get dog food on the cheap).

9:30- Late night snack for Miss Margaret. Are you starting to get the picture?

10:10- She falls asleep in my arms. After some quality snuggles, Thomas and I reluctantly get her dressed and swaddle her sweet self so she can sleep in her pack n play as usual. Thomas and I spend some time talking about the day and snuggling ourselves.

10:55- I break my hard and fast rule to sleep when she sleeps in order to finish typing this up for y'all, adding pictures, and get it published.

So that's our day! It's quite full. When the standard feeding and changing routine takes up to 40 minutes, it eats huge chunks of time! Thankfully she's taken to breastfeeding like a champ and we've only had a few minimal problems. I'd say this is a fairly standard day. I usually try to get us out of the house about 5 days a week, just so we both have a change of scenery- it keeps me from going too stir crazy. A little weird that she only ate 5 times today, but she just wasn't interested in more than that. It dropped from 7 to 6 once she started sleeping through the night. And no, her hair still isn't falling out and yes, I think it's twice as long as it was when she was born. Yes, I also think it is awesome.

Not super interesting (and hopefully the next post will be shorter too), but there you have it. I change diapers and feed Margaret. All day. Every day. Oh yeah... and we get to snuggle and see lots of smiles and love on her. Not a bad gig. Now I really have to sleep.

Dang. Just remembered that I still have 8 minutes left on that episode...

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