2 Months

Friday, November 1, 2013

 Again, no photo overkill. 4 is enough for anyone not related to her. If you are related, 
email me and I can hook you up. Seriously. I've never taken more photos in my life.

Things to know about Margaret at two months:

- That hair just keeps on growing. It's getting a little long, it may be verging on mullet status, but when you look this cute, you can get away with a lot. Also, all of those promises that it would lay down when it got longer- LIES! Straight up, baby, straight up.
- Head control is a fine art that requires lots of practice, and this girl is giving it her all. She no longer looks like a bobble head. She also loves standing and sitting (both with support)
- As her vision improves (and can see reds and yellows now!), she's fascinated by the world around her. She's constantly looking around when we carry her, and has entered a phase where she hates to lie down when she's awake because the ceiling just isn't as interesting as it used to be.
- Um, social smiling is the best thing ever!!! I wake up to her grunting in the morning and as I reach in her pack n play, she stops and gives me the world's biggest grin. It melts my heart. I have got to start greeting the people I love with smiles like that every time.
- Her desire to express herself grows daily, as she tests her vocal limits constantly. It can often sound like she's upset, but her smile belies that thought. If Thomas and I are talking, she chats with us too.
- At her two month check-up, she was 11 pounds and 12 ounces- putting her in the 80th percentile. Height is 23.5 inches- the 90th percentile! The top photo is from that appointment.
- Bless her little soul, she decided that she no longer hates her swing (pictured below)! Ahhhhh the heavens part and the angels sing!!! It's a wonderful thing to have safe places to put her down while I do things like laundry, dishes and ahem, take showers.
- She has long skinny fingers and loooong skinny feet. Shoe shopping is already proving difficult. My mom says it's payback- I have the same feet.

Things to know about parenting/keeping a kid alive this month:

- Everyone says it, but it's true. Babies change daily. I feel constantly torn about wanting to hold on to a moment for a while longer (especially the sleepy, snugly ones) and then being as excited as she is to grow and learn and take in the world around her.
- Unless you commit to full-on pink, people will always (okay, 9 out of 10 times) call your daughter a boy. "Oh he has so much hair!" Yes, would you like to meet my son Margaret? I frequently dress him up in a blue floral onesie. Are people just really afraid that mothers of boys will be offended if you call their sons girls? The parents of girls aren't too thrilled about that.
- It gets easier. It's all very relative when you've still got someone who can in no way, shape, or form, fend for themselves attached to you at all hours of the day and night, but diaper changes are no big deal. 99% of the time, feedings go down without a hitch. Venturing out of the house is still a big deal (and an ordeal), but it does get easier with practice. But hey, I did 2 loads of laundry today and that's a huge success in my book, so remember that I said life gets easier, not "life gets back to a pre-baby normal." I don't think that ever happens. To clarify, the rest of her childhood still terrifies me, but hey, at least she's only one age at a time. We'll cross that bridge later.
- I miss my brain. Pregnancy brain was a little crazy (potholders in the freezer and such), but for me, newborn brain is so much worse. Unlike pregnancy where I misplaced things, newborn brain causes me to forget the logical places I put things. When you have to do no less than 50 things to do when you're trying to get out the door with a baby, it's a good day when you do 45/50.
- Occasionally, it still feels surreal that we are parents. Incredulous would also be a good word. We can't believe that we love this little person so much, someone we've only known a short period of time. Then again, when we get smiles and looks like this, it's not so hard to believe.

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  1. I love that little snugglebug!!!!!

  2. Oh, we get "She's so cute!" "She has beautiful eyes!" ALL the time with Asher, even when he's wearing a completely blue outfit. I finally cut his curly long-ish hair to try to make the guessing game a lil easier on folks. Sheesh. :)

    1. I guess there's just no winning! The thought of cutting Margaret's hair makes me so nervous! She's in that 70% head control stage- with bouts of uncontrollable head jerks and the thought of scissors anywhere near her just doesn't seem like a good idea. I got clocked in the nose so hard my eyes watered yesterday!