Photo Dump

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pretty much the only way I am good at sharing photos is on Instagram. I don't even post many to Facebook. So if you're not following me on Instagram, here's what I've been stockpiling in my phone.

Fascinated by Dad's uniform in the Charleston airport.

First flight!

Apparently my husband grew up where Johnny Appleseed planted all of those trees!
I saw the trees! It was like an elementary school field trip. :) 

 Lovin' on my mom's handmade taggie stegosaurus.

Family snuggles.

She loves to grab onto things now!

The quilt is slowly coming together.

4 Christmas trees on the Volvo!

The cell pic that inspired our Christmas card (which you'll see later).

Bumpo love.

What Otto does during the day.

Quilt design- it's a slow process and this is already an old picture.

 THE cutest thing ever. (Not staged. Promise.)

The best toy for little hands that are just learning to grab.

 Margaret's odd new look- sucking that bottom lip in.
And yes, her bib does say "All hands on deck for snack time."
Who do you think picked that out??

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