Baby Food Combinations

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I know this is a pretty selective topic, so feel free to skip right on by if you're not in the thick of it or getting ready to start solids. There are plenty of resources devoted to making your own baby food (though I feel like I could just sum most of it up like this: steam and smash), but let me know if you'd like an overview or round-up of resources.

We are just now getting into combinations of baby foods. We started out with single foods: your typical carrots, squash, pears, and apples. And we've done some not so normal foods too, like mango and papaya and avocado. But these days, the world is your oyster. If you can find it in the produce department you can make it (and usually freeze it). I make the single foods and freeze them in little silicone ice cube trays. Then I store them in a dated and labeled ziplock bag in the door of our freezer. It's a great system that takes up very little room- as you can see above, they all stand up neatly next to each other. Then I just grab a few cubes and defrost for any meal.

But just a few short weeks later, Margaret was ready to move past the soupy purees and on to bigger things. I've also been trying very hard not to impose my palate limitations on my daughter. I want her to be exposed to as many foods and combinations as she wants, but it's hard to figure out those combinations. So after a little research (a few things we've tried, some pouches or jars we've gotten, and other ideas on the internet), here's my far-from-exhaustive list:

apple, (plum or blueberry or cherry or banana or grape or apricots)
banana and (raspberry or strawberry or blueberry or orange or kiwi or mango)
peach, (mango or apple)
pear, (mango or raspberry or blueberry)
mango, banana, orange

Apple and peach oatmeal
pear, apricot, barley
apple cinnamon oatmeal
banana cinnamon and brown rice
peach, berry oatmeal
plum, berry brown rice

Pumpkin, spinach
sweet potato, beets
squash, peas
carrots, broccoli (or peas)
green beans, peas, corn
green beans, zucchini, potato
peas, beans, spinach
butternut squash, carrot, chickpea
spinach, pumpkin, chickpea
broccoli, peas (broccoli is a very strong flavor, so when just trying it, add a little pear or apple to cut in some sweetness)

sweet potato, garbanzo, barley
broccoli, red lentil, oat
carrot, peas, kamut
spinach, lentil, brown rice
sweet potato, carrot, brown rice
sweet potato, white bean

pear, spinach and mango (one of Margaret's favorites!)
sweet potato, apple (or apricot)
apple, carrot (or broccoli)
apricot, peach, pumpkin
butternut squash, apple, banana
zucchini, banana
carrot, apple, mango (also carrot, apple, squash)
cherry, berry, carrot
blueberry, pear, carrot
pear, kiwi, spinach
kale, broccoli, mango
raspberry, spinach, greek yogurt
pea, spinach, apple
pumpkin, banana
apples, green beans, raisins
apples, carrots, parsnips
banana, blueberry, beet

apple, raisin, quinoa
blueberry, parsnip, buckwheat
pumpkin, coconut rice

If you have others that you love, please leave them in the comments section! I'll update this list. If you have any other questions about what we are feeding her and how we are doing so, also leave them in the comments- I love hearing from y'all!

A note from Margaret

Friday, February 14, 2014

We were going to send out actual Valentine's cards... but that was when I was delusional.
This will have to suffice. I hope you get to spend it with all the ones you love! 

Pssst... if you haven't entered the giveaway, there's still time!

Handmade Life + Giveaway!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It seems weird to pick up a new hobby immediately after having a baby. But that's what I did. I have less spare time now than ever before! As I've found, if you love something, if it makes you happy and restores sanity, then you just make time for it. So often I'm sewing long after Margaret has been put to bed, or stealing away naptimes or shirking cleaning duties to have a little pocket of time to create. I haven't been as connected to an art form in years. Bringing forth that creativity has been so rewarding for me. It's completely worth it- even if I only manage 20 minutes before some other duty calls.

Enough sap. Here's what I've been making.

 This quilt is obviously the big thing and this is already an old picture. Right now, all blocks
are assembled and I am in the process of putting the quilt top together (stitching each block
to the one next to it.) Seeing it come together gives me a huge thrill!

This is Margaret's little sun ray toy. It quickly became a favorite around 3 months,
but she still seems to love it. It's just so easy for her to grab! 

I quickly got bored of her awesome burp rags (these Gerber diapers) just 
being plain white. My mom showed me how to make these and it makes me 
happy to see them all folded in her dresser.

These are my latest projects. In a giveaway I won a keychain similar to the one pictured,
but that was ages ago and it was really faded and filthy. So I picked it apart and figured out
how to make my own from a fabric that hopefully won't show much dirt!

 It's perfect for my wrist and easy to find in a big diaper bag!
This is one of my favorite projects to date. Thomas got me these gorgeous swanky
Ray Bans for Christmas. The case they came in was bulky and... ugly. So to make my
life easier, I sewed up this little quilted glasses case to protect them.

So in honor of almost reaching 300 posts (hopefully by the end of this month), I'm going to do a little giveaway! The easier, the better right? I don't want to make this unduly complicated, so just click enter. See how much I love you? Enough for me to recognize your valuable time. The prize? Any of the above! (Except for a quilt- I don't have enough money/time to give one of those away.) But an awesome burp rag, glasses case, keychain, or sun ray toy? You pick! Click below to enter. (please leave a comment if it's not working!) I hope you win...

Update: I really wish I could have given you all a prize! Congrats to the winners and look for an email at the address you provided to Rafflecopter. The emails have been sent. Didn't see an email from me? Comment on this post please!

So what's up with you?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

At the moment, this blog makes no profit. Nada. So I don't worry too much about switching up content. If my life shifts, so does this blog. But I do want to try for it to remain a bit about me, as well as my darling girl. One of my goals for the year is to try to post regular content. Not "on Wednesdays we wear pink" content (bonus points if you get that reference), but posting weekly or bi-weekly, if I'm feeling incredibly ambitious. Of course, it all may fall through, but valiant efforts and all. So here's a post about what's going on in areas that may not entirely revolve around diapers.

  I have no relevant photos, but to show that this is not baby related, here's
a photo of my alcoholic beverage from this evening. Moving on...

I guess the big news around this casa is that we are moving! Thomas officially has orders to report to a sub out of Washington. So we'll be Pacific Northwesterners (PNW dwellers?) for the next 4 years! It's the Navy, so there's always a chance that something else will come up, but for now, we are looking into housing options and adjusting to the idea of not living in the South. We are looking on the Kitsap Penninsula (across Puget Sound from Seattle) and will be moving there some time in June.

How do I feel about it? Well, that's a loaded question.

It's really, really far away. All of my immediate family lives on the East Coast. Actually, they almost all live in various parts of South Carolina. I have some extended family across the country, but none in Seattle, or very close to it. It's hard watching Margaret play and knowing she won't get to see the people we see so often here. It's hard to leave my friends behind- people I've known for years and the friends Thomas and I have made as a couple. We love living here and it's going to be really hard to leave this behind for so long.

On the other hand, we are kind of excited. Washington state was a top choice for us because of the shorter deployment schedule. Many subs have 6-9 month long deployments, but those out of Washington are only 3 months long. Depending on the year, he will be deployed once or twice, with 5 month breaks in between. I know that to most of you, it sounds crazy to be excited about 3 month deployments, but given the other options, we are pleased. We are also happy to be moving to the Seattle area. I think it's going to be a great place to raise Margaret. There's tons to do and from all of the pictures I've seen, it's gorgeous. If you've ever been out there, I'd love to hear about it.

I've taken about a week-long break from my quilt. I had some friends in town for Margaret's baptism, then we had some heavier winter weather than normal (some extended power outages and a husband unexpectedly home from work), so it wasn't really at the forefront of my mind. I do have some pictures to post in a few days, as well as some updates on some handmade things I've worked on for Margaret. My next project is a quilt for Thomas- and I am so excited!

This next part may shock some of you. Like any of you who know even a little about me. Thomas and I are signing up for the Cooper River Bridge run. And I've joined his gym. And I'm going to start running.

I'll wait while y'all finish fainting. Someone grab the smelling salts.

So I guess now that I have told the internet, I have to actually do it. Here we go. Have I mentioned that I hate running?

I guess my brain fell out when the baby did. I'll keep you posted.