Baby Food Combinations

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I know this is a pretty selective topic, so feel free to skip right on by if you're not in the thick of it or getting ready to start solids. There are plenty of resources devoted to making your own baby food (though I feel like I could just sum most of it up like this: steam and smash), but let me know if you'd like an overview or round-up of resources.

We are just now getting into combinations of baby foods. We started out with single foods: your typical carrots, squash, pears, and apples. And we've done some not so normal foods too, like mango and papaya and avocado. But these days, the world is your oyster. If you can find it in the produce department you can make it (and usually freeze it). I make the single foods and freeze them in little silicone ice cube trays. Then I store them in a dated and labeled ziplock bag in the door of our freezer. It's a great system that takes up very little room- as you can see above, they all stand up neatly next to each other. Then I just grab a few cubes and defrost for any meal.

But just a few short weeks later, Margaret was ready to move past the soupy purees and on to bigger things. I've also been trying very hard not to impose my palate limitations on my daughter. I want her to be exposed to as many foods and combinations as she wants, but it's hard to figure out those combinations. So after a little research (a few things we've tried, some pouches or jars we've gotten, and other ideas on the internet), here's my far-from-exhaustive list:

apple, (plum or blueberry or cherry or banana or grape or apricots)
banana and (raspberry or strawberry or blueberry or orange or kiwi or mango)
peach, (mango or apple)
pear, (mango or raspberry or blueberry)
mango, banana, orange

Apple and peach oatmeal
pear, apricot, barley
apple cinnamon oatmeal
banana cinnamon and brown rice
peach, berry oatmeal
plum, berry brown rice

Pumpkin, spinach
sweet potato, beets
squash, peas
carrots, broccoli (or peas)
green beans, peas, corn
green beans, zucchini, potato
peas, beans, spinach
butternut squash, carrot, chickpea
spinach, pumpkin, chickpea
broccoli, peas (broccoli is a very strong flavor, so when just trying it, add a little pear or apple to cut in some sweetness)

sweet potato, garbanzo, barley
broccoli, red lentil, oat
carrot, peas, kamut
spinach, lentil, brown rice
sweet potato, carrot, brown rice
sweet potato, white bean

pear, spinach and mango (one of Margaret's favorites!)
sweet potato, apple (or apricot)
apple, carrot (or broccoli)
apricot, peach, pumpkin
butternut squash, apple, banana
zucchini, banana
carrot, apple, mango (also carrot, apple, squash)
cherry, berry, carrot
blueberry, pear, carrot
pear, kiwi, spinach
kale, broccoli, mango
raspberry, spinach, greek yogurt
pea, spinach, apple
pumpkin, banana
apples, green beans, raisins
apples, carrots, parsnips
banana, blueberry, beet

apple, raisin, quinoa
blueberry, parsnip, buckwheat
pumpkin, coconut rice

If you have others that you love, please leave them in the comments section! I'll update this list. If you have any other questions about what we are feeding her and how we are doing so, also leave them in the comments- I love hearing from y'all!

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  1. Holy guacamole! Thanks for the list - we have so many fun new tastes to try!!