Some time away

Monday, March 31, 2014

I've decided to take a little break from the blog. I haven't been posting very regularly anyway, but perhaps if I make it official, I won't feel so guilty about it. I'm not too sure where this blog is going, so I think I just need to step back for a bit and figure things out. I'll still be in periodically to post Margaret's monthly updates (7 will be here soon) because I really love looking back on those.

Thomas and I are waiting (not so patiently) for some Navy updates. One way or another we've got some big changes around the corner. We are all doing well, but while I'm still getting more sleep than I was six months ago, I don't know that life has gotten any easier. I love my life, but it is exhausting. Honestly, any spare moments go to veg out (reading blogs or watching a bit of tv with Thomas) or sew. Be patient and I'll return soon(ish).

If you're really, really, really going to miss me, I'll try posting a bit more on the Faith and Macaroni Facebook page (maybe some web links or photos) and I'm actually on Instagram a good bit.

Six Months

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Can't believe we've made it this far.

Things to know about Margaret at six months:
-She is definitely using her ability to roll over to get places! Almost every time I go to get her up from a nap, she's making noise because she's on her stomach with her legs stuck between the slats on her crib. Goodbye, pet rock stage.
-Sitting! She has been sitting for about 1-3 seconds on her own for a while now, but a few days before she turned six months, she sat for about 10 seconds on her own. Every day she does more and more- usually only toppling over when she lunges after something. Of course, right before it happened, she had a major sleep regression for about a week. Waking for extra feedings and all sorts of un-fun things. As soon as she sat, she went right back to sleeping through the night.
-We've got our act together with solids now! She eats three times a day and every 2 days we introduce a new food. Today was peaches. She loves new foods and interesting combinations (check this out). We started out with organic jarred food, but as she's eating more in one sitting, I'm making a lot more baby food myself. It's easier than I thought and actually fun.
-Nursing has totally changed. I still get one great morning feed, but as she eats more food, I'm usually only getting sporadic 5 or 10 minute feeds. She really does prefer having solid foods. It's great having flexibility, but I have to say that I miss all of that quiet time that we spent together. Bittersweet.
-She was 16 pounds at her 6 month well visit.

-First haircut! Finally got rid of the mullet look and trimmed some bangs. The hairstylist had never cut a six month old's hair before and kept saying how weird that was but the sad part is that Margaret has needed a legitimate haircut since she was 4 months.
-It's amazing to watch her personality come out more and more. Her face is so expressive and the changes in these first six months are night and day. She loves to chat and is always making new noises every few days. She's started to mimic things that Thomas and I do, which is hilarious.
-This girl can demolish some food. Many days it feels like she's eating constantly! She nurses still between meals of solids and our pediatrician said that introducing baby puffs (the yogurt bites and the canisters of what look like puffy Cherrios) is fine and a way to help encourage motor development. She loves those, but we've also given her peas, green beans, various fruits, and even steak (really tender, in really small bites). My little toothless girl is quite adept at chewing, so we love giving her new things to try (that are well cooked and in baby-appropriate bites).
-Miscellaneous: can easily reach out and grab things- hand-eye coordination is improving. Still napping three times a day, sometimes a 4th powernap depending on how long the others are. Loves playing with paper, fabric, and really anything that's not a baby toy- and we've finally reached the age where she will cry if you take it away from her (not my favorite). Still very curious and observant. She has her chatty/blabbermouth moments (like her mamma) and her periods of quiet alertness, just observing everything that's going on around her (like me too).

 I just... can't... even...

Things to know about parenting this month: 
-I'm still waiting for the time to come where I don't somehow feel like I've been punched in the face daily. If that time does not come, please lie to me. Lie to me hard.
-Please take the above statement with a grain of salt. We're almost at the end of swings (3pm to 12:30 am, which is rallying to beat out mids [night shift] as my least favorite schedule of all time). Not having another parent to fall back on at the end of the day (when we're both cranky) seems to eat me alive. I know, I'm a big ol' wimp.
-Posts to come (hopefully soon, but no promises): things we are loving (toys, carseats, etc), a good photo dump (because I have so, so many), and a few other drafts I need to edit and hit publish on. Life continues to astound me with it's craziness, so bear with me as I find my footing. Until those come, here are some cute baby feet:

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