Some time away

Monday, March 31, 2014

I've decided to take a little break from the blog. I haven't been posting very regularly anyway, but perhaps if I make it official, I won't feel so guilty about it. I'm not too sure where this blog is going, so I think I just need to step back for a bit and figure things out. I'll still be in periodically to post Margaret's monthly updates (7 will be here soon) because I really love looking back on those.

Thomas and I are waiting (not so patiently) for some Navy updates. One way or another we've got some big changes around the corner. We are all doing well, but while I'm still getting more sleep than I was six months ago, I don't know that life has gotten any easier. I love my life, but it is exhausting. Honestly, any spare moments go to veg out (reading blogs or watching a bit of tv with Thomas) or sew. Be patient and I'll return soon(ish).

If you're really, really, really going to miss me, I'll try posting a bit more on the Faith and Macaroni Facebook page (maybe some web links or photos) and I'm actually on Instagram a good bit.

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