Honest Company {Diaper} Review

Friday, April 18, 2014

Throwing caution to the wind and embracing life as a mommy-blogger. I'm around a 2 foot tall human all-day, every day- this is it! But as always, I will write what I feel- there will always be a hodgepodge of things here. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me.

Since Thomas and I have been married, we've been making commitments to healthier living. It was a (sort-of) simple switch to start shopping the perimeter of the grocery store- focusing on fresh foods instead of packaged and processed things. We still love a good pasta dish and I occasionally sneak through and pick up some Cheez-its. When Miss Margaret came on the scene, I started to be conscientious about what we were buying. When I was pregnant, we switched over to more eco-friendly (and human-friendly) cleaners. Don't get me wrong, there was no part of me that missed bathroom cleaning, but with more and more organic/green/eco-friendly companies out there offering competitive prices, I'm happy to switch.

Oh, diapers. Many kuddos to the parents who cloth diaper- I understand in the long run it can be very cost effective, but my distaste for laundry runs deep. :) We've tried every big name diaper on the market and our current favorite is Target. But a while back, Zulily ran a deal on a delivery of the Honest Company diapers. I made a big gamble in ordering over 200 diapers I had never tried before! Turns out I didn't need to worry.

Okay, here are the details you want to know:
-Ordering from Honest Company, you pay $79.95 for 6 big packs of diapers (8 for the newborn size) and 4 packages of wipes.
-It's a subscription service. You can manage your delivery date online, just tell them when to ship it to you next (and you're free to cancel at any time).
-The diapers are free of lotions, fragrance, chlorine, and latex.
-You can choose up to 6 different prints (the box pictured above is our actual box- minus the wipes and other things we ordered).

And here's what I think about cost:
The elephant in the room for my family is the cost. All diaper packages have a different number of diapers based on size, where the diaper is being sold, and other mystery factors. I always look at cost per diaper to figure out what I'm really paying. For size one diapers (the cheapest size- you pay more for bigger sizes in all brands), I can get them for $0.15 each for the Target brand and $0.21 each for Swaddlers Sensitive (with Amazon Mom). It's a little harder to figure out with the Honest company, since they include wipes. If you bought the diapers and wipes individually, it'd be $103.50- so you save about 23%. Going by that, it's $0.24 a diaper with a subscription, without (buying a single pack for $13.95), it's $0.32. With the subscription, you're still paying an additional $16 for wipes- steep for 4 refills, considering I get 7 refills of Pampers Sensitive wipes in a box for less than $9 (again, with Amazon Mom).

So many numbers!

Margaret kindly offered to model for you.

But what about the product itself?
I really love these diapers. Way, way more than I expected to. I love the way they fit Margaret. Like the Target diapers, they have an elastic band at the back of the diaper- no gaping the way some other brands do. Check out the awesome fit in the picture above! They fit snugly around her thighs, but no red marks. We have had no leaks, no blowouts, and no diaper rash- not even a spot. I think my only qualm about the diaper itself is that the tabs must be on the diaper- you can't secure them on top of one another if your baby is on the small side. Overall, that hasn't been a huge issue, even though she's at the low end of the size 3 range. I love the patterns! (C'mon, who wouldn't?) Even Thomas liked picking out the anchor and the stars/stripes patterns. You also get an incredible number of diapers per box (even our size 3 diapers had 204 in a box)- factor this in when thinking about the price.

I'm really picky about my wipes. I've tried every fragrance-free version out there. I only buy Pampers sensitive. But I liked these- a lot. They work well in my OXO dispenser, they are thick and strong (without tearing), and I like that they're a little bigger than the average wipe.

The subscription service is great. Everyone who has read this blog knows that I am a loyal subscriber to Amazon Prime and a huge fan of the subscribe and save feature. No lugging big boxes of diapers and wipes to your car with a baby in tow. I think the Honest Company really gets it right by allowing you to change the date that your order is shipped based on when you need it. 

Typing out the classic "Every family has to make their own decision." is true, but not as helpful in a review context, I suppose. For us, it's a lot to spend at once. But I have to say, I admire the commitment to keeping the lotions, fragrance, latex, and chlorine out of the diapers and their eco-friendly commitment as well. 

Per diaper, they are not that much more expensive than buying on Amazon with Amazon Mom. Wipes are way more expensive, but you can't get one in the subscription without the other. I'm impressed with the product and would definitely buy it again.

This was not a sponsored post. I paid for the diapers and wipes and all opinions are my own.

If you'd like to purchase something via the Honest Co., you can use this link. If you use it, I get a credit (to help me afford more of these awesome diapers). :)

We also purchased a swim diaper, fruit & veggie wash, and some dryer cloths, but I need to use them some more before I write a review. I'm also curious to try out more of their products. Have you tried anything by the Honest Co. yet?

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