Seven Months

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Things to know about Margaret at seven months:
-Not crawling yet (thank goodness). Still sitting with even more confidence, rolling to get places, and slowly showing some interest in crawling (the wiggling and moving).
-Still doing well with solids and I'm happy to report, better with nursing as well. 3x a day with solids, and really as many nursing sessions as she wants. We keep a list of all of the foods she's tried on the fridge and it's really impressive! There isn't much that she doesn't like (beans), but mango is still her favorite. We are introducing lots of real foods too- small bits of strawberry, chicken, mandarins - really anything that isn't seasoned with salt or sugar that she's had before. Lots of people have asked me if I'm nervous about that... not really. We are very cautious with the size of the bite and the texture. She chews things up really well despite her lack of teeth and seems to really enjoy it.
-She's working really hard at picking up her sippy cup (usually just water, sometimes a tiny splash of apple juice) and she does a decent job. She's also working on picking up food (puffs and yogurt bites); she's pretty much mastered that. The problem is that she is only 50/50 on choosing to put it in her mouth. She likes to pick it up, observe it, and drop it over the edge of her high chair. Moby is loving this phase and frequently lays beneath her chair to wait.

-16 pounds, 12 ounces the last time I got on the scale with her (sometime last week). It's not the most accurate method - I weigh myself first, then get on the scale with her, but it gives me an idea.
- Miscellaneous: Still likes to nap three times a day, but I'm unsure how long that will last. Went to the beach last week and she loved it! Loved the sand, the wind, and wading in the tidal pools. We're going back tomorrow- just soaking up the time we have left in Charleston. Headed to the aquarium on Monday and I hope that she's going to love staring at the fish. She loves eating the little teething biscuits - it's one of her favorite things!

Things to know about parenting this month:
I've got nothing. Life is crazy and busy and awesome. We are eagerly waiting for Thomas' leave that starts in less than two weeks. So here are some more beach pictures:

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