Eight Months

Thursday, June 12, 2014

USAA called about my life insurance today at 8. A not too-unreasonable time if I were back on the East Coast, but since I'm house hunting in Washingon state, 5 am is a little early. Unable to fall back asleep, I'm going to crank out this update while Thomas continues to slumber.

For a while my parents had my sister's fish tank at their house and Margaret would sit on the counter and stare at it every single time we went over there. It was just her favorite thing. Thomas had never been to the aquarium in Charleston either, so one weekend, we went over. Thomas and I would look at her and then look at each other going "worth every penny!"

This girl. She is just pure joy and sunshine. We definitely have our rough days, just like any other family, but she's just the bee's knees in my opinion. She's expressive and happy as a little clam. She's content. It seems like a strange word to use to describe an eight month old, but she really loves playing on her own (supervised, don't freak out) or intently studying an object for long periods of time. I'm not just saying this because I haven't seen her in 2 days.

This picture. What more is there to say?

This was Margaret's first kid's meal! She had a cheese quesadilla with guacamole. She thought it was delicious. No teeth at 8 months, but she could get through just about anything we gave her. She's very determined when it comes to food. We feed her just about anything and she just eats it up!

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  1. oh that photo of you! Just GORGEOUS and you look so happy!! Love it. And that last picture of M - HAHA! So awesome.