House Tour: the before

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You might think we are, as the kids say these days, cray after you see the photos of the house we just bought. Rest assured, it was the best one that we saw after meeting the following very important criteria:

-not an hour away from Thomas's work
-not in a shady area (there was one house where we refused to get out of the car)
-within our budget
-the walls were not crumbing (seriously)

After that, pickings were slim. But when we walked into this house after a very discouraging first day of house hunting, we felt like this could be the home for us. We closed a few days ago and it already looks like a completely different house. Today I'm only going to show you a few pictures of the house before we got it (no, that's not our stuff) and some empty-house pictures (of course, all taken in a rush as I'm running around). Sorry, all of the good stuff has to wait until tomorrow!!

I'll try to explain the layout a bit so you feel like you know what you're seeing.

 Split-level home - not my favorite, but it's okay. Tile will eventually be replaced with
laminate, and the carpet on the stairs will be replaced with new carpet.

 This fireplace is even bigger than it looks here. Still mulling over
some ideas for it- and how to make it look smaller.

The rest of the living room.

 Hallway- first left is the kitchen, second left is the master, straight ahead is the hall bath, 
Margaret's room on the far right, living room on the right.

Tiny kitchen! It'll almost be a gut, but layout will remain very similar, if not the same.

Kitchen opens to the dining room (ugliest and most dangerous chandelier ever), 
and sliding doors open to the back deck.

Mid-demo- nasty carpet pad that had been laid upside down. :( Master bedroom.

Weird closet situation. Two closets for this tiny room, but a vanity sort of area in between. 
We took the counter and cabinets out already!

Hall bath. The color is green, but the massive trees we have outside reflect
even more green into the master and the hall bath.

Going down the stairs at the entry, you come to our second living space. 
The bifolds go into a closet and the garage door is to the left of that.

That is not my Corona airplane. For reference, window is on the same side of the room as the stairs.

This bizarre set of doors leads to the guest room (left) and the brown bathroom (right).

Really wasn't kidding about the brown. There are 3 shades of brown on the walls and 
brown tile on the floor. A brown toilet, brown sink, and brown shower complete the look.
Pity you can't get the full effect with the shower curtains in the way.

I promise we aren't crazy. We saw lots of potential in this house and are excited to love on it for the next four years. It's already been a lot of work (grateful to have had my family come to town for a few days to help), and it's only just begun. Can't wait to show you some demo and after pictures tomorrow (I'll pull out the real camera tomorrow)! It's already looking like a different house.


  1. Lauren-- I really don't know what you were thinking by painting over all of the brown. I mean I really liked all the tri-brown shades going on. Just kidding. Paint it all. Miss you!

    1. Sadly (or happily, for you), we haven't painted the brown bath yet. Even though it's pretty hideous, we've got a lot of other things on our list before that. :) Miss you too!

  2. Ooooooooooh. I can see that with work it'll be awesome. The blue in the kitchen/dining room looks ok. Nice and bright. That green though. The downstairs was a total man cave, wasn't it?! Can't wait to see more!

    1. I hope it will be! It's getting there. The whole house is actually going to be a light gray for now. I know, it sounds a little boring, but its actually making things a little brighter and less cave-like. :) Well, except for Margaret's room- it's the same blue in our old house. So it really is light and bright! There were tons of patches on the walls and the old paint was really, really dirty, so a fresh coat was definitely in order. This house is a really different layout than our old one, so once we figure out where everything is going, we plan on trying to bring in more color through furniture, rugs, quilts, art, and other things. Some rooms may get a new coat of paint if we decide to change things down the line. The funny thing was, it was a woman who lived here by herself! Yet you're right! Total man cave. It's getting some paint too- less dungeon-y. Hopefully more pictures today!

  3. Looks like you got yourself an awesome project house, girl! My favorite kind! Here's an official: "WELCOME to the PNW!" ;)

  4. Thanks for the welcome!!
    Yes, so many projects! It seems crazy that we want to tackle so much in 4 years with a baby who is growing into a toddler (eek!) and rotating deployments. Yet, here we are! I'm actually pretty excited about it. But I already love this house so much.