Real fast x 4

Monday, September 8, 2014

I don't know why the idea of a well thought out blog post seems monumentally overwhelming, but it does. So let's be quick about some things and maybe I'll start blogging more than once a month. Ha.

1. Gardening.
I'm not a gardener. I like to grow things, and I've kept an herb garden for the past few years (minus this year with the move), but I do not itch to get outside in every spare moment I have. Unfortunately, or perhaps not, I bought a house with an acre of overgrown, unkempt land.

This was the view from our front porch. The ivy has been pruned back (it's covering a ugly cinderblock retaining wall), the tree in the center has been pruned, and the large leafy plant that appears to be growing out of the ivy has been pruned back to make it easier to remove completely. The large green tree to the right is still there- it's about as tall as the house and there are many of them! Not sure what to do with that yet.

We clearly have the ability to grow grass... but we also have a nice rocky, 
desert landscape going in that one corner. Nice, huh?

 This would be a lovely close-up of the world's saddest and ugliest pathetic excuse for a fence. I'm not sure what's holding it up (though it's not really that upright at all). The only thing keeping us from tearing this out (yes, Moby can escape from it) is the fact that we saw someone walking *just* behind our fence line the other day. Our fence line sits well within our property line. It was pretty creepy (it's all green space behind us), so despite it's pathetic existence, it gets to hang out just a bit longer until we figure out a plan. And so I can delude myself into a notion of safety.

We've got some amazing trees. We've also seen some awesome backyards in the surrounding area. We have the biggest lot in the neighborhood and have the perk of sitting in the back of a cul-de-sac. I really love what our property could become. Thomas and I always joke that we're going to fall in love with this house and then have to turn right around and sell it.

For now, it's just sort of terrifying-looking.

2. Nap fighting. What is it with tired kids fighting naps? Margaret took three naps a day for the longest time, and we've since moved to two. It means more flexibility in our schedule and I love it. Except for the 20-40 minute period before almost every nap (no exaggeration, I get maybe one to two naps a week where she goes right to sleep). I should be grateful that she sleeps through the night, and doesn't fight going down at night, and I am! But this period of incessant talking, yelling, and uber creepy wall scratching (that last one is the stuff of nightmares) is exhausting too.


 cute though...

3. Making friends is hard. I'm set up for failure given my current daily social interaction is a one year-old who says three words and puts most of her possessions in her mouth. It leaves me nervous and feeling like everything out of my mouth sounds weird. The introverted thing isn't helping either. Forced social gatherings aren't my jam either. 5 weeks and counting.

4. So it was upwards of 90 degrees not long ago, and we have no air conditioning. So we bought a ceiling fan. It was 54 degrees last night and it's 64 now. Pacific Northwest, I cannot predict you!!

Off to go check on the nap boycotter.


  1. I let Penny have a water bottle that she comfort sucks before falling asleep. Might that help Miss Margaret settle down? Hang in there!

  2. 3.) TRY A MOPS GROUP! I know you said you don't like forced gatherings, but seriously. They're all just starting right now and there are lots of new people that will be in your shoes. They are so fun and I could never eve put to words how valuable those friendships have become to me! Just try it. :)
    4.) You will never predict it here. Never. Don't waste your energy. ;)