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Friday, September 26, 2014

Updated: Dollar Shave Club wanted to know ways that my family saves time and money. I'm thrilled to be working with this brand, but I hereby solemnly swear to you that I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Amen. :) I'll lay it all out there. On occasion I've gotten a few emails from brands that ask me to promote their business. Until this point, I have declined, but when I heard from DSC, I ran into the room to tell Thomas because we've been using them for almost a year! It was a little thrilling. Post contains a link to DSC that will give us a credit if you order through us. All credits go to keeping Thomas' face up to Navy standards.

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We are always and forever thinking of ways to save a little bit (or a lot) of money around here. The Navy takes good care of us in many ways (thanks for the free medical care for our family!!), but leave us flush with cash? Nope, sorry. Not in these parts.

But you don't want to sacrifice quality if you don't have to, right? How do we get the stuff we need for a price we can afford?

Take advantage of freebies.
There are so many things in this category.
-The library is an obvious one: more than just books to borrow, but tons of local resources. I've got half a dozen Northwest gardening books on my shelf right now in an attempt to figure out how to tame my backyard. I get books for Margaret, I check out parenting books, movies, and we go to toddler story hour.
-Store loyalty cards. We get most of our groceries at Safeway. It took an extra 10 minutes on my first trip to the store, but now I get access to all of the store sales.
-Local festivals and events spring to mind. We are so lucky to live close to Seattle, but our little county has tons of free events that happen. If we're really bored (and maybe a little hungry), we hit up one of the many farmers markets around to get some fresh air and maybe a sample or a few.

Take advantage of discounts
-I found out that my grocery store marks down foods in their meat department that are 2 days from expiration. I obviously won't be buying a week's worth of meat here, but I check to see if I can grab something and work it into dinner last night. Hellooooo 75% off grass fed organic steaks. I will take you home. (And my mom brought up the point that you can freeze this meat too!)
-If you're military, be bold and ask everywhere you go. Usually we get a "Nope, sorry, I wish we did offer a military discount!" but every now and then, we get a "Yeah! 10%!"
-Sign up for store emails. Do not sign up for store emails if you are easily tempted, but if you can stay strong, a sale will come up just as you desperately need to replace your winter coat.

Online Shopping
Online shopping is my jam. Given that it can take over an hour for us to get out of the house, our errands can be limited. If you can send it to my house (preferably with free shipping), I am loyal as a dog.
-Amazon Prime. Ahh. True love. $99 for a year. Sounds like a lot but free unlimited music, free instant video, the ability to subscribe to my favorite products and have them shipped to my house for a 20% discount (Amazon Mom program, 15% if you don't join Amazon Mom), and the best of the best, free two day shipping. Glorious.
-Dollar Shave Club!!!! Does anyone in your house shave ever? Great, then you're a prime candidate for Dollar Shave Club, where you can, just as the name states, shave for as little as a dollar a month. I'm pretty sure in the Navy handbook there's a picture of a drill sergeant yelling "NO STUBBLE EVER, SHIPMATE!!" Picture my trashcan littered with used up blades. So you know when you go down the shaving aisle and there are blades upwards of $25 for four? Yeah. That's what Thomas used. I totally get it. That much shaving can irritate your face, so you need the best of the best. But dang. Lotta money. So when I saw this snappy YouTube video someone posted on Facebook:

(caution: bleeped out word NSFW)

It made me laugh real hard (and still does), but it also made me go check it out. And somehow convinced Thomas that he needed to jump on that bandwagon. The first one he tried was the 4 blade razor. But it wasn't quite right. Easy enough switch! So now, for the fanciest razor they offer, we pay $9 a month. NINE DOLLARS.
But nine dollars, you say? It's not the nine dollar shave club, you say. True. Lowdown:
    $2/month for a 2 blade razor. Five cartridges a month.
    $6/month for a 4 blade razor. 4 cartridges a month.
    $9/month for The Executive. 6 blades, 4 cartridges a month. It makes for a kissable face.
And now my clean-shaven, frequently-kissed husband goes around telling all of his friends about the glories of Dollar Shave Club. And now I shall too. As soon as I get done with the box I picked up on our cross-country move, I'm DSC-ing it all the way too.

How are you shaving time and/or money? What did I forget?

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