Shopping for a Thomas

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thomas essentially gets the same stocking every single year. I'd change it, but every single year he seems to love the same things, so I refuse to tamper with my perfectly honed system. That, and men are just really hard for me to shop for. If you experience the same struggle, maybe these gifts will inspire a few ideas for you.

1. Starbucks Christmas blend - His favorite coffee- convenient that it's sold this time of year!

2. Trader Joe's chocolate covered espresso beans -Huh. Apparently if you're desperate and willing to pay four times the cost, you can order these with Amazon prime. 

3. Mio water enhancers - Thomas is, quite possibly, the most well-hydrated person on the planet. Mios are his favorite way to keep water a little more interesting.

4. Reese's peanut butter trees - Just the best.

 5. Fine point pens - In a job where tiny handwriting and ridiculously fine point pens are praised, Thomas is mildly obsessed with loves his pens.

6. J. Crew boxers - New underwear is always a good idea.

7. J. Crew pajama pants - We have a new holiday pj tradition in our house and these J Crew pants have been the frontrunners for the last few years. These are mine.

8. Cocoon Grid-it -This would have absolutely made it into his stocking had I not come up with the idea so late. However, I just got one and it would be a brilliant idea for anyone who needs to wrangle the mess of cords that seems to always be around.

9. Krave jerky - Thomas is definitely a jerky guy so when I saw this idea in another blogger's guide, I knew I had to find it. Thankfully, Target had it- and on sale! Delicious sounding flavors.

10. Bandaids - (not pictured) Yes, I found camo bandaids. Yes, we will laugh long and hard come Christmas morning. Funny, yet useful gift.

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