Stockings for the not-quite toddler

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sorry we went dark for a few months! Thomas was deployed for a few months and we were strongly in survival mode. He's back now and all is right with our little world. 

Christmas stocking have long been my favorite part of Christmas. My parents were very good at putting them together and they had a seemingly endless stash of fun goodies that were equal parts useful, tasty, or just fun. For Margaret, I was a little stuck this year. 16 months is weird- not really a baby anymore (stay young forever!) and not quite a toddler. This is what we've come up with (for all of the scrambling at the last minute parents- like me!) this year.

1. Color Blast - This was a huge hit on our flight back to Seattle. Same premise as Color Wonder by crayola, but there's only one marker and the color is in the paper. Margaret loved seeing the colors, but there are activities for older kids as well. We found ours at Target.

2.  Take and Toss cups- Many thanks to Margaret for finally settling on the cheapest sippy cup around. These are remarkably spill-proof and easy for her to drink from (since about 10 months).

3.  Babylit books - If you haven't seen these adorable classics, check these out. We both swoon over the pictures and each book features a unique telling of the story- colors, counting, etc.

4. Bath toys- Munchkin Squirt bath toys - Boon Dive bath toys - We've long been fans of the Boon dive foam bath toys pictured, but I think the squirt toys we got will go over great as well.

5. P'kolino colored pencils and crayons - We got these for Margaret as I was just teaching her how to color. The size is perfect, the colors are very bright, and I love not having to rip paper off. The colored pencils are going in her stocking and hopefully we have a similarly great experience.

6. Notepads- not the ones pictured, just some that I picked up around the house for on-the-go diaper bag scribbles or sticker escapades.

7. Stickers- Michael's had a huge sale on Melissa and Doug stuff, so we grabbed a few of their regular sticker pads and some of the reusable sticker pads- similar to the Colorforms I played with as a kid. Sticker-obsessed Margaret has been sticking her current sticker collection all over the holiday LL Bean catalog. Waste not!

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