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Saturday, March 28, 2015

I got bitten hard by the spring cleaning bug this week. I've been cleaning and decluttering (in that really intense way where I pull out everything I own and question why on earth I've been saving it) like there's no tomorrow. My grandmother (hi SueSue!) wanted some updated pictures, so I'm here to deliver. Some spaces haven't been touched still but it's looking more and more like a home.

No editing pictures today, computer is being a weirdo.

Margaret's room:
(no before pictures, but just imagine stained carpet, bad paint job, etc) I have re-arranged this tiny room 4 times before landing on this set up, which involved taking the glider out (too big) and stealing a chair from our living room instead. Still to come: updating the fixture with a ceiling fan, covering the closet doors, and hanging something above the dresser. Love it!

Living room: 

before we bought the house:

2 months in:

Old couch moved downstairs and we bought a new one. Thomas and I built the picture ledge. Still to come: building a mantel, buying a new lamp (maybe some less yellow bulbs too!), and a few updates to the existing furniture (paint, stain, etc).

Master bedroom: 

shortly after we bought the house- ripping up the carpet, green walls, odd bathroom cabinet:

today (weird lighting in my room, sorry):

The dated sliding doors on the closets were a no-go- unfortunately the closets are also non-standard widths, so we had to think creatively. The curtains aren't coming across as nice in the pictures as they are in real life, but they are so pretty and so much better than staring at my clothes for the last 7 months. I'm trying to be braver about layering patterns too- baby steps with these neutrals. :) I'm hoping to put a little built-in desk in the nook area, replace the bathroom-style lighting, etc.

Definitely struggling with what to put over the bed or on the big, blank wall.

Sometimes it feels like we've done so little and then I look at the before pictures. Ha! It definitely takes a while. This is not HGTV. We work on this house during naptimes, on a rare day off, late at night, and when we've saved up. Some of our biggest changes have come from just rearranging our furniture and trying to think beyond previous set-ups. That being said, taking stuff that no longer works in our house to the thrift shop is also a good way to freshen up too.

We are currently finishing up a foyer remodel (new carpet on the stairs, new tile, paint, everything) so I'm hoping we will have pictures of that soon. After that's done, we're entering into a stretch of saving, so most updates will be small - lots of painting in our future. And whatever yard work we can do ourselves.

The previous walk-through was shown here. Original house tour here.

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  1. I love the way you've decorated! We have similar taste, and the same living room rug ;) I actually gasped at the before pictures of the living room. Isn't it kind of nauseating how people decorate? That whale picture is cracking me up.