I've been struggling with what to write here. This isn't any sort of medical website. The National Institute of Mental Health ( is a great place to start if you want by-the-book answers. I spent a lot of time on that site and many others when I was first diagnosed. My official diagnosis is Bipolar Disorder NOS (not otherwise specified)- meaning I don't fit into the descriptions of Bipolar 1 (the most common form) or Bipolar 2 (slightly less severe than Bipolar 1). Instead of cycling from manic to depressive states, I cycle more intensely from depressive to an irritable/anxious/agitated state. The best brief description that explains it succinctly and transcends forms 1, 2, and NOS can be found here: What is Bipolar Disorder?. But like I said, Faith and Macaroni isn't to be considered any official source on psychiatry.

This blog started for me and my family. This is to show what life is like with Bipolar Disorder for me. Sometimes it's a triumph over bad things. Sometimes the Bipolar wins the day. This blog and my writing is, above all other things, honest. Many posts have been written in times of elation and happiness. Lots of others have been written late at night when exhaustion takes over and tears blur my vision. I write to make sense of things for myself. But sometimes, when my head is a little clearer, I write to try to make sense of this thing for other people. My parents and I know what it's like to be on two sides of the fence. After my diagnosis, I was so wrapped up in what I was feeling that I just didn't even know how to try and help them understand. This is how I've helped them, and in the long run, how I've tried to help others. I've had many people who have Bipolar read this and I also have a lot of people read this who know or love someone who has Bipolar or depression. 

The following are quick links (chronologically) to some of my posts on Bipolar Disorder. Not all are intense descriptions- some are just what I'm feeling at the moment. This is really to show you how someone with Bipolar Disorder lives- it's a part of me, but just as things like a post on faith or my wedding pictures show- it's not all of me. In the long run, I have triumphed with so many great things. I have an excellent relationship with my family, I have a great doctor, an amazing therapist, and I have many friends. I met, dated, and then married a wonderful man. I am the proud momma to a gorgeous little girl (all after my diagnosis). Check out the "Labels" section on the right sidebar for more posts on Bipolar Disorder and more.


One of my most-read posts and where I think my writing is strong: Showers are powerful things


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